07. Signed Minutes July 2022

These minutes were signed as true and accurate on 9th of September 2022. 

Corsenside Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 4th of July 2022

Corsenside Parish Hall, West Woodburn at 7.30pm

Present:  Councillors: C. Hamilton (Chair), S. Smith, C. Hawman, A. Harding & J. Fenwick.
Clerk: C. Woodcock.  Members of the Public: None


  1. Apologies for absence: Cllrs D. Mole, A. Wilson
  2. Code of Conduct (Declaration of Interest): Cllr C. Hamilton in respect of The Gun at Ridsdale & the Corsenside Flood Resilience team, Cllr S. Smith in respect of Bellingham Middle School Parents, Teachers and Community Association & the Corsenside Flood Resilience team. Cllr C. Hawman in respect of Revitalising Redesdale, North Tyne Youth and The Gun at Ridsdale.  Cllr A. Harding in respect of The Ray Wind Fund.
  3. Opportunities for members of the public to raise issues: None raised.
  4. Minutes of Annual Parish Council meeting held on Monday the 9th of May 2022: Signed as a true and accurate record.
  5. Minutes of Corsenside Parish Council meeting held on Monday the 6th of June 2022: In section 14 the following was added “Cllr C Hawman to raise how information will be maintained when Revitalising Redesdale ends.” The minutes were then signed as a true and accurate record.
  6. Matters arising from the minutes: The clerk sought permission from the council to set up the discussed email Newsletter using Mailchimp and the standard clerk’s contact email address. This method will follow Data Protection regulations as subscribers need only supply minimal information (their email address), all stored details will be password protected and a clear option is provided to unsubscribe at any time.  CW to set up this account and advertise for parishioners to sign up for the newsletter.
  7. Notification of any other business for discussion, at the Chairman’s discretion, under item 20 below: The clerk, Cllr C. Hawman and Cllr C. Hamilton each had a point to raise.
  8. County Councillor’s Report: None.
  9. Ongoing Issues (formally Action Point List): 91. The clerk confirmed that TWM installed the new speed signs in West Woodburn; although one was originally put in the wrong place this has since been rectified. The councillors have observed the wording on the signs is not consistently displaying as expected and requested the clerk clarify the models which have been installed and, because they are covering all costs, inform Northumberland County Council about this issue. The clerk raised concern that the commissioned inspection into the faults on the Ridsdale signs was very brief and suggested replacing the signs without explanation.  The councillors confirmed that their strong preference is to repair these signs and requested that the clerk return to TWM and seek further information. 95. Cllr C Hamilton reported that with thanks to John Riddle’s support the school field will be getting landscaped and the driveway weeded by C. Mowatt and that other contractors will repair the fence and former bin storage area. This paves the way for the goal posts to be installed once work is complete. The clerk is to seek a license from NCC to put these in position before the asset transfer is finalised. Cat faeces have been reported in this area, the council hope that the shorter grass, and community support, will help to remedy this problem. It was agreed to monitor the situation and review what further steps may need to be taken.
  10. Play Area: Cllr C Hamilton informed councillors of the findings of the ROSPA inspection which found the play area to be generally in very good order but stated that the platform of the large slide needed to be cleaned due to algae build up (Cllr. C Hamilton to perform). No other action points were suggested.  The clerk shared that Playdale have confirmed that the openings in the wood of the Clatterbrigde are at an acceptable size, and do not need replaced but kindly provided an approximate cost of replacement parts if needed in future. Following issues raised in June, NCC’s animal control have visited the play area resulting in the site being cleaned and signs being erected requesting the support of locals to combat the issue of increasing numbers of cat faeces in that area.
  11. Volunteers and Community Spending: Nothing to report.
  12. Wind Power Stations & BANTR: Cllr A. Harding reported that the recent open day was a well-attended success, leading to plans for it to be repeated regularly. The final report of the survey’s findings is due to be published.
  13. Parish Hall: Nothing to report.
  14. Revitalising Redesdale: Cllr C. Hawman explained that the plans to install interpretation panels locally are being finalised with locations confirmed and installation scheduled for mid-July. Cllr Hawman confirmed she plans to speak with RR about the legacy of their projects and how the ongoing sharing and monitoring of information will be managed, the cancellation of a meeting had meant this discussion has been postponed.  
  15. West Woodburn First School – School Field:  The clerk expressed disappointment with the flow of information from the Solicitors appointed to deal with the asset transfer and confirmed that she will continue to seek details of the progress and encourage matters move as swiftly as possible. As per 9.95 (above) the field’s state of disrepair is being addressed by NCC.  The clerk has been asked to ensure there will be ongoing maintenance until the land is transferred to CPC.
  16. Planning Matters: a) For decision – None.  b) Decisions - None
  17. Other correspondence: a ) Queen’s Hall Hexham invited the parish to take part in a celebration of the Lindisfarne Gospels taking place across the region by hosting an illuminated sheep. The council discussed that they lack the facilities to accommodate this but asked the clerk to pass this information to The Gun and The Bay Horse who may be interested. b) NCC’s Climate Change Toolkit: plans to make the county carbon neutral by 2030 have been shared with information and suggestions about ways our parish could be involved. The councillors have decided to review the project over summer for discussion in September.
  18. Finances – a) Invoices for payment – i. Chris Mowatt (10/06) £129.60, ii. ROSPA (play area inspection) £105,
    iii.  Clerk Wages (17h30m) £193.90, iv. Hiscox ltd (insurance) £1071.29, v. Unity Trust (bank fees) £18, vi. Chris Mowatt (27/06) £129.60.  b) Bank Balance - £12, 432.30.  c) Insurance: an option to tie in the new insurance provider for 3 years was discussed and deemed to hold no real benefit. Clerk to proceed with a single year’s cover.
  19. Matters for discussion at the chairman’s discretion: Cllr C Hamilton announced that Cllr J Fenwick will sadly have to step down from her role as she is moving away from the Parish. This will leave one seat vacant, Council to advertise this position. The clerk queried whether the council felt value could be gained from upgrading the Parish Council website, after discussion it was agreed that the clerk should spend up to one hour researching this and report back with details about viability and the available options. Cllr C Hawman reported a national plan to register all defibrillators, and described the benefits of such a scheme, the clerk felt it likely this referred to ‘The Circuit’ website and confirmed CPC are already enrolled. Both C Hawman and the clerk will confirm that this is correct.
  20. Next Meeting: Monday 5th September 2022, 7.30pm Corsenside Parish Hall- Supper Room.
    Meeting ended 9.10pm.


Action Point List (July):

  • CW to set up Mailchimp account; advertise for parishioners to sign up for the newsletter.
  • CW to clarify the model of the speed signs ordered by NCC and raise with TWM any confirmed problems with their operation; inform Northumberland County Council this situation.
  • CW to seek more information about repairing the Ridsdale speed signs from TWM, reaching out to the original contact, preferably by phone.
  • CW to seek a license from NCC to put goal posts in position before the asset transfer is finalised.
  • CW to request maintenance of the school field paid for by NCC ongoing until the asset transfer is finalised.
  • C Hamilton to clean the platform of the large slide.
  • All to monitor the situation of cat faeces on the school field and if needed discuss options at next meeting.
  • C Hawman to question RR at next meeting about legacy of the project and the ongoing sharing of information.
  • CW to keep contacting Solicitor for updates.
  • CW send ‘Illuminated Sheep’ information to Gun and Bay Horse
  • ALL to review climate change toolkit (particularly latter pages that contain suggestions appropriate to our scale) ahead of September meeting.
  • CW to arrange only 1 year’s insurance cover.
  • ALL to consider who may fill the vacant councillor position; CW to organise official resignation and advertising process.
  • CW to research upgrading website and feedback to council (maximum one hour).
  • C Hawman to check her information about registering the defibrillator and, should this refer to a scheme other than The Circuit, share details with the clerk for our equipment to be included.
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