Emergency Information

This page contains information which may be of use in emergency situations.  
Much of the information lower down on this page was issued during notible events in the past but has been archived here incase any remains useful and relevant to residents. 

The nearest Doctors Surgery is Bellingham Practice, NE48 2HE. 01434 220203. 

For Accident and Emergency visit Northumbria Wy, Cramlington NE23 6NZ
A map showing the location can be seen here

A list of Walk in Centres in the region can be accessed here

Northumbria Police cover this area and can be reached by calling 101 for non-emergencies, further details of how to contact them can be found online.


Corsenside has 2 defibrillators maintained by the council, these are checked regularly but if you spot a problem with either or wish to inform us that one has been used, please contact the clerk

The West Woodburn defibrillator is located on the side of the Bay Horse and the Ridsdale defibrillator is located on Armstrong Street.

In the event of an emergency always dial 999. If you are advised to get the defibrillator by the emergency services they will issue you with the code in order for you to get into the box where the defibrillator is kept. You will remove the defibrillator and take it to the casualty. The defibrillator is designed so that anyone can use it, you do not need to be trained. Follow advice from the emergency services & the defibrillator itself. The defibrillator will only work if it senses the casualty needs it.


Extreme Weather

The following information was released during Storm Arwen and may remain relevant in the event of future storms: 

From Northumberland Counrty Council, working with Northern PowerGrid:

We’re continuing to do everything we can to support residents in the aftermath of Storm Arwen, working alongside emergency services, utility companies and voluntary organisations. The focus continues to be supporting our communities in our hardest hit areas and our most vulnerable residents.

This update includes useful information and contact details from the Council to help you over the coming days. 

Financial Assistance

Northern Powergrid will provide financial assistance to any domestic customer who is still off supply from 29 November. This will include the reasonable costs of alternative accommodation and food (up to £15 per person per meal). It will also contribute to other reasonably incurred costs; for example, where a customer arranges for their own back-up generator. Customers are advised to keep all of their receipts. All reasonable retrospective claims will be honoured.

Northern Powergrid will consider each customer’s circumstances on a case-by-case basis. All vulnerable customers will be eligible. Customers who require assistance should email StormArwen@northernpowergrid.com and they will be in contact as quickly as possible to agree how they can help.

Taking Care When Outside

Please take extreme care when out and about due to storm damage. 

Northern Powergrid is also reminding people of the importance of reporting damaged cables or equipment by calling 105 and not to approach the area as equipment may still be live.

To report a power outage call: Northern Power Grid 105

For anyone struggling with food or other essential supplies call: Northumberland Communities Together 01670 620015
(Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm)

For concerns about vulnerable residents or safeguarding issues call: Onecall 01670 536400

For general Council queries call our Contact Centre 0345 6006400

To find your nearest Community Hub visit nland.uk/hubs

Please help your neighbours who may not be online by sharing this information with them.  If further assistance is required please contact the Parish Council via Christine the clerk on 07737518867. 


Corona Virus - Covid 19 Response

25th May 2020

We are using The Clarion Facebook Page to get this message out due to the current government restrictions on staying at home and not wanting to have councillors exposed to infection or acting as a conduit for transmission by delivering printed matter door to door. We would encourage parishioners receiving this to pass the message on to others within the parish by whatever safe means possible. We are fortunate to live in a parish which is so obviously caring for each other. Corsenside Parish Council wish to assist in any way we can during the current unprecedented times.

Hopefully no one within the parish will be without the support they need from family, friends and neighbours. If, however, you or someone you know of may need support please let us know.

Alternatively, you can use the Northumbria Healthcare Trusts Onecall number 01670 536400 if you are worried about a child or adult’s welfare.

Corsenside Parish Council is a small parish council with only seven councillors of whom more than half fall into vulnerable categories by nature of age or occupation and as such there is a limit to what we’ll be able to offer, but we will do our best with the limited resources we have to help those in need. We would like to appeal for volunteers who would be willing to collect vital supplies, should the need arise, for those who are self-isolating and have no other support. If you are able to help (under 70, not in an ‘at risk’ group, healthy and symptom free) please contact the clerk who will maintain a log and get in touch if requests for support are made. Thank you.

For those self-isolating there are various useful provisions already in place to assist you:

• West Woodburn Shop and Post Office will now do home deliveries – telephone 01434 270062 or email westwoodburnshop@gmail.com

• George Jennings Fruit and Vegetables in Bellingham offer home deliveries – telephone 07398 123603.

• Bellingham Craft Butchers have a delivery service – telephone 01434 220033.

• Parkside Pharmacy in Bellingham offer a prescription delivery service – telephone 01434 220231.

• The Border Reiver in Otterburn offer home deliveries – telephone 01830 520682

• Local churches are offering a telephone call around service so there will be someone to chat to on a regular basis – telephone Rector Susan 01434 220019 or Elaine Ryder 01830 520212.

I have spoken to George Jennings, Bellingham Butchers and The Border Reiver and they all confirm they are happy to deliver to our parish. Just give them a call and make your arrangements directly with them.
We sincerely thank all the above local services for their willingness to serve our parish in this way. As previously stated, if you need support, do let us know and we will do our best to put you in touch with someone who can assist you.
We would urge everyone to carry on supporting and looking after each other whilst following the government advice to stay in your homes and maintain social distancing whilst engaged in essential trips for shopping supplies.

Stay well, stay strong and together we’ll come though this present darkness and emerge into sunnier times once again. 

Carl Hamilton

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