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The Parish Council meet every second Tuesday of each month at 7pm  in the Village Hall Annexe (unless advertised differently) to discuss Parish matters.

All meetings are open to members of the public and the press and there is opportunity within the agenda for comments to be made (on items on the agenda).

Any matters raised by residents that are not on the Agenda may have to be deferred until the following meeting (unless urgent action is needed).

The Agenda for discussion is displayed on the Parish Notice Board (on the Main Street near the hairdressers) as is other Parish information, i.e. notice of planning meetings, end of year accounts, notification of consultations, etc.

There is a Community Notice Board for posting of all other types of notices and posters - Tricia has a key for the Notice Board, so please take any advertisements to her or email them.

Residential Development Within Two areas of East Ayton

The field south of Racecourse Road has been put forward within the Scarborough Borough Local Plan (2016 - 2032) for housing development - it is referred to as "HA30" within the Borough Local Plan. To date, TWO Outline Applications have been put forward for HA30.

PLEASE BE ADVISED that the third parcel of land south east of Racecourse Road (HA30) has been passed to be included in the Scarborough Local Plan by the appointed Inspector, Mr William Fieldhouse BA (Hons) MA MRTPI - see here - "this could yield up to 140 homes" (the relevant comments for our Village can be found on pages 27 and 28 paragraphs 127-130)

An area alongside The Nurseries (referred to as "HA29" in the Borough Local Plan) has also been put forward as part of the building process for the Scarborough Local Plan and, if passed by the Planning Department when an application is put forward, will allow up to 40 homes to be built - see here   (the appointed Inspector has made comments about this plot of land included within the Local Plan; his comments can be found on page 23 paragraph 108).



One Outline Application for 40 homes (HA30 Racecourse Road)  has been permitted by Scarborough Borough Council (with conditions) - see here

A second Outline Application is to be deliberated by Scarborough Borough Council Planning Committee in the near future for up to 70 homes (alongside the plot for 40 homes) - as soon as information is known, it will be posted on this website home page and the Parish Notice Board. Please help to spread the word so that when the time comes, responses can be made through the Scarborough Borough Council Planning Portal

IF all the plots put forward within the SBC Local Plan are approved (top half of the field on Racecourse Road and the strip alongside The Nurseries), this will add a total of up to 190 homes within our Village in the next 10 years.

HERE are the comments that East Ayton Parish Council have made - please feel free to use some of them to form your own future response (s)