Council Transparency

The Transparency Code was published by the Department for Communities and Local Government, December 2014.

The Code was introduced for two main reasons, firstly under a new audit framework which will be effective from 1 April 2017, small councils will be exempt from external audit and in its place, these Authorities will be subject to the Transparency Code to enable local electors and ratepayers to access relevant information about their accounts and governance. The second reason given by the Government for the introduction of the new processes is to meet its desire to place more power into citizens' hands to increase democratic accountability.

East Ayton Parish Council wholeheartedly supports the Transparency Code and while we are currently outside the required criteria for uploading this information (we have a turnover over the required limit), the decision has been taken to still follow the new Regulations in order to be as transparent as possible.

Please click on the links below for full access to East Ayton Parish Council's transparency information


East Ayton Parish Council Annual Returns

The following links take you to the documentation duly agreed and signed at the Annual Council Meeting held on 10 May 2017.

If you have any questions about the accounts, please contact the Clerk on 01944 711139 or email eastaytonpc1@btinternet.com

  • Please click here to access the EAPC Annual Return and Elector's Rights 2017-18
  • Please click here to access the EAPC Annual Return for 2016-17
Council Policies - these are Policies adopted by your Council

The Parish Council review our policies on a yearly basis for relevance and accuracy; any changes or additions made are discussed by full Council.


 Complaints Procedure  Confidentiality
 Data Protection  Document Retention
 Health & Safety



FOI and Publication Scheme

This is the Freedom of Information Publication List Scheme for East Ayton Parish Council. If there is something not mentioned on this list, please contact the Clerk to make enquiries.

What is a Publication Scheme

The Scheme commits East Ayton Parish Council to make information available to the public as part of its normal business activities. 

Information provided will not generally include:

  • Information disclosure prevented by law, or exempt under the Freedom of Information Act, or is otherwise properly considered to be protected from disclosure.
  • Information that is no longer available as it is contained in files that have been removed from archives.

Information that will be generally included are provided within the Publication Scheme below (click on the link or the image to view/download)

The list is too long to show here - please click on this link to download or view the whole list or click on the picture below.



Governing Documents for East Ayton Parish Council

The Parish Council has strict protocols that must be followed when it carries out its everyday business on your behalf.

East Ayton Parish Council is responsible for the area within the Parish boundary. Money is raised for the services provided through the precept, which is collected on our behalf by the District Council and is paid to East Ayton Parish Council twice-yearly.

There are very few facilities or services that we must provide by Law, but we can become involved in a wide range of activities.

Financial records are audited (by an independent auditor) on a yearly basis; should any financial rules be "broken" in any given year, it may result in the Parish Council accounts being refused by the auditor and possibly involve individual Councillors being required to repay the money illegally spent.

One of the responsibilities of the Chairman is to make sure the Parish Council does not attempt to do things that are outside their powers.

East Ayton Parish Council Governing Documents

The Code of Conduct created by the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) was formally adopted by East Ayton Parish Council at an Extra-Ordinary meeting held 1 June 2012 (Min 113/12) - reviewed May 2018

Standing Orders are our main governing document that is agreed by full Council every year - reviewed May 2018

Risk Assessment in terms of low (L), medium (M) and high (H) the Risk Assessment document shows any agreed improvements and control the Council adopts - reviewed May 2018

Financial Regulations govern all financial transactions on behalf of, and by, the Parish Council - reviewed May 2018

Asset Register lists all deeds, plots of land, Pinfold, boundary stones and grit bins owned by the Village and for which the Parish Council is caretaker - reviewed May 2018


Representatives on Outside Organisations

Each year, Councillors are elected to represent the Parish Council on outside Bodies, Councils or Organizations in order to keep apprised on the workings of those Bodies, Councils or Organizations - reports (verbal or written) are presented at the following East Ayton Parish Council meeting and held on record by the Clerk.

Below is a list of those outside Bodies and the Councillors chosen (these may change on a yearly basis).

Outside Bodies and Organizations

 National Parks - Southern Forum   Cllr Heather Phillips (reserve - Cllr Tricia Colling)
 Yorkshire Local Councils Association   Cllr Heather Phillips, Cllr Joy Woolley & Cllr David Tomlinson
 Community and Police Group   Cllr Heather Phillips
 Friends of Ayton Castle   Cllr Neil Hardisty (reserve - Cllr Joy Woolley)
 Playing Field Association   Cllr David Tomlinson
 Village Hall Committee   Cllr David Tomlinson
 Patient Participation Group   Cllr Robert Peacock
 Ayton Youth Club  Cllr Joy Woolley
 Webmaster  Cllr Tricia Colling


Where  there are activated links above, you may be taken away from East Ayton Parish Council website; the Council cannot be held responsible for information contained within those links if provided by a third party. 

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