East Ayton Parish Council's Response to Outline Application

East Ayton Parish Council has sent the following to the Borough Council Planning Officer as our response to the Outline Application for residential development, South East side of Racecourse Road - feel free to use the comments below as your guide for your own response.


The access to the site has been sited in a very dangerous location. It is directly opposite two bus stops. If this junction at the development and Racecourse Road does go ahead we would wish to see two lay-bys each side of the road created for buses to pull into, to ease the traffic vision splay issues.

With regard to the development of 40 houses on this site I refer to our previous comments:

East Ayton Parish Council are very concerned that any increase in population in the Village will place increased pressure on the following resources:

East Ayton Primary School - the school is currently very close to capacity without the ability to expand the size of the school building than has already been carried out within the School grounds.

Whilst is is accepted that enrolment numbers will differ year on year, there is the possibility of a further 211 homes to be built within the boundaries of East and West Ayton which could mean an influx of children into the Village; this is welcomes, but causes concern regarding school placements.

East Ayton Parish Council fully supports the school and would ask that the Borough and County Councils take heed of any issues raised by the school and the school governors regarding the current Proposed Local Plan as this will set precedents for both villages until 2032.

Local Services - as identified with the Proposed Local Plan, East Ayton has a Dentist, Spar Shop, Fish Restaurant, Hairdressers, Barbers, a fish shop and chemist; West Ayton has the BRIDGE (formerly known as the Library) and the Doctor's Surgery.

East Ayton Parish Council is concerned that an increase in populous will impact on the Doctor's Surgery (West Ayton) and the Dentist (East Ayton) as there may not be the capacity to absorb more patients; the Parish Council wish to fully support any comments made by the Dentist and Doctors' Surgeries within their response to the Proposed Local Plan.

Increased traffic (especially in the summer months), specifically in the area of the Spar Shop on Main Street creates congestion within the Village; often sees vehicles reversing back onto the main road.

Mini Roundabout - The mini roundabout as a dangerous junction for Main Street, Racecourse Road and Seamer Road with vehicles approaching from all directions, at speed, some failing to stop.

The camber and nature of the pavements on Main Street impact on the residents for access to the local Services; due to poor maintenance, it discourages walking which in turn impacts on health and well-being.

Transport Issues - East Ayton is evolving into a "satellite Village" and in order for its residents to access all amenitites within both Villages and Scarborough Town it nees to have a regular bus service which travels around both East and West Ayton to enable the elderly and young families (without vehicles) to access all areas and Scarborough Town.


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