Borough Councillors' Response

The following are comments put forward by your Borough Councillors in response to the Outline Planning Application for land South East of Racecourse Road - this is for information purposes to keep you all informed.

Cognisance needs to be taken of a 1994 statement by SBC planners that East and West Ayton had already reached maximum development potential.  Since 1994 there has been further development in both East and West Ayton (Pearson Garth, Morley Drive at West Ayton and Meadow Dene, The Nurseries and Seavegate in East Ayton) which should have re-emphasised the 1994 statement.

Inclusion of ponds within proposed development would act as an attenuation of flood water which already occurs, but the potential hazard especially as the development is likely to have young families (i.e. small children) living on it. In any event, who would maintain the ponds? I cannot see North Yorkshire County Council, Borough Council or East Ayton Parish Council agreeing to take on the responsibility.

The open space area, while welcome, also begs the question of its on-going maintenance for the reasons listed above.

The children's playground will be an asset, but very careful thought needs to be given to ensure there is no direct access into it from Racecourse Road for children. If it was made secure, it could ameliorate the impact of the potential development from the residents in Racecourse Road who will overlook it.

In the view of the likely increase in the number of children walking to school down Racecourse Road if the development did go ahead, the provision of a pedestrian crossing in Racecourse Road would be paramount. It would also help slow down traffic approaching the Village but it would have to be financed by the would-be developers.

The views of West Ayton Surgery and East Ayton Primary School would be crucial in assessing the scheme even at this outline stage. The surgery is to be contacted to seek the Doctors' views.

The plan put forward by Yew Tree Associates is only indicative because it would be up to the eventual house building purchasers of the site to put in detailed plans.

The application is a Departure from the Local Plan.  The site is not earmarked for development in the current Local Plan which will be superseded by the new Local Plan when it eventually gets approval by the Government. There will be a public inquiry into the new Local Plan proposals probably in about a year. That inquiry will include all the "wish list" applications put forward by landowners and developers. 

Cllr Jeffels' view on the latest plan by Yew Tree Associates is: 

(a) it is premature pending the consultation and public inquiry into the new Local Plan

(b) the site is in open countryside and to develop it will have a very significant detrimental impact on not only the local landscape but will be seen from a very wide area. 

(c) The impact of the development on such services as the local school, medical services, roads etc will be enormous, bearing in mind the Farside Road development which is due to be built at West Ayton and the already existing proposal by Yew Tree for the area between Racecourse Road and Seamer Road, adjoining the Lonsdale Place area.


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