13 March 2017
Litter Pick

On Saturday 11 March at 10am five Councillors from East Ayton met outside the School to coordinate a litter pick within Forge Valley in the area of Seavegate Gill and Wallis Quarry Car Parks.

Most of the litter collected was within a metre of the roadway and included wine bottles, beer cans, soft drink cans and food wrappers. In total 14 (fourteen) rubbish sacks were filled in less than 90 minutes and of the more unusual items found included a spade and bread basket!

If everyone is to enjoy the beauty of Forge Valley now and for years to come, visitos must take their rubbish home with them and dispose in their own bins!

Photograph taken by Cllr Colling and include from left to right - Cllr Phillips, Cllr Beal, Cllr Peacock and Cllr Woolley; the carrier on the right shows some of the wine bottles and beer cans collected on 11 March.

Please pass the information on to all friends and neighbours, that if you use Forge Valley please do not abuse it ..... it's a beautiful area and we would like to keep it that way!

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