Northern Villages Community and Police (CaP)

The CaP Group meeting every quarter to discuss current crime trends and also to give the opportunity for residents to meet with their local Police Officers in a community atmosphere.

The meetings are held througout the Derwent Valley area and the Chairman of the CaP is Cllr Mrs Heather Phillips.

The Northern Villages' area covers approximately 350 sq miles and is overseen by the Safer Neighbourhood Team for the Filey Local Area Policing (LAP) team.

Northern Villages CaP Minutes

Minutes 1218 Minutes 0918
Minutes 0618 Minutes 0318
Minutes 131217 Minutes 130917
Minutes 140617 Minutes 080317
Minutes 141216 Minutes 140916
Minutes 080616 Minutes 090316
Minutes 091215 Minutes 090915
Minutes 100615 Minutes 100315
Minutes 101214 Minutes 100914
Minutes 110614 Minutes 120314
Minutes 111213 Minutes 110913
Minutes 120613 Minutes 270313


The Group's Latest Newsletter (click to view/download)


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