Planning matters are discussed outside (main) Parish Council meetings on an ad-hoc basis by the Planning Committee and the Planning Meetings are advertised  on the Parish Council Notice Board three clear working days before the meeting is to take place as per statutory requirements.

Here are the direct links to the Borough Council Planning Portal and the Planning Portal for the National Parks - these are the two Planning Authorities within our area; they consult with the Parish Council but it is they who decide the outcomes of any applications - the Parish Council are asked for their comments.

This is a direct link to a "virtual house" from the Borough Council website, which gives you initial advice whether planning permission should be sought.

We advise in all cases, if you have a doubt, call the Planning Department of Scarborough Borough Council on 01723 232323 and ask for "Regeneration and Planning" or North York Moors National Park Authority on 01439 770657

Members of the Planning Committee (as of May 2017) are:-

Cllr Mrs Heather Phillips
Cllr Mrs Tricia Colling
Cllr Phil Beal
Cllr David Tomlinson
Cllr Mrs Joy Woolley
Cllr Neil Hardisty






All the above Council Members are on the Committee (with the exception of Cllr Robert Peacock) with an agreed quorum of 3 members in total per meeting; the Chairman of the Planning Committee is chosen at the first Planning Committee meeting of the new Council year.

The Committee is governed by a Codes of Practice Document (as adopted at May 2012 meeting).