Planning Responses 2013

Here you will find the responses of East Ayton Parish Council planning committee - all minutes are ratified and signed at the following full Council meeting.


05/02/13  NYM/2012/0851/FL   erection of single storey dwelling with roof accomodation
05/02/13 NYM/2013/0045/TN   installation of telecommunications cabinet
05/02/13 NYM/2013/0048/TN   installation of telecommunications cabinet
25/02/13 NYM/2013/MEIA   Sirius Potash Mine Application
09/04/13 13/00685/HS   extenstion and conversion of garage
31/05/13 13/01407/HS   proposed conservatory and gym extension
31/05/13 13/00995/FL   proposed building for office and warehouse use
31/05/13 NYM/2013/0269/FL   erection of greenhouse