Harting and Nyewood Fingerposts


I believe these fingerposts are an important part of our heritage and contribute to the character of our villages.

Many are falling into disrepair. The County is no longer looking after them and without some remedial work many will be lost altogether. The Parish Council is attempting to repair two, one at Turkey Island and one at Nyewood. This has been a very slow and so far unsuccessful process and I believe that some care from people in the locality would be both adequate and faster. Would you would like to look after, or adopt your local fingerpost?

Attached are pictures of, I believe, most of them. I am sure I have missed some and that some of the references may be wrong. If so I will blame Google Maps and ask that you contact the Council and they can be corrected.

Co-ordination of the above is being carried out by Councillor Dave Barnard

Any interest or comment please contact him on email hartingparishcouncil@hotmail.co.uk

Tim Bonner

West Harting Hill Ash Farm 50.985499-0.883842

West Harting Manor Farm 50.984629-0.892804

South Harting Top of North Lane 50.972055-0.894879

South Harting The Square

West Harting Ryefields Island 50.994732-0.888010

West Harting Quebec Island 50.988545-0.886313

West Harting Old Greyhound Corner 

East Harting Turkey Island 50.967885-0.868241

East Harting Turkey Island 50.967457-0.870353

Nyewood Triangle 50.9827872-0.864383

West Harting 50.979363-0.891627

East Harting Eastfield Lane Island 50.972315-0.860995


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