Information about the Council

Harting Parish Council meets on the third Thursday of the month, except August. Occasionally meetings may be held at other times if business requires it. The current restricitions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic mean the Council will meet by video link, please see calendar for any scheduled meetings. 

Clerk and Councillor Details


Trish Walker

email:  clerk@harting-pc.gov.uk

Phone:  01730 825201


Andrew Shaxson

email:   a.shaxson@harting-pc.gov.uk

Vice Chairman & Planning Chairman

Sheila Bramley

email:  s.bramley@harting-pc.gov.uk



Tim Bonner              t.bonner@harting-pc.gov.uk

Sally Bull                 s.bull@harting-pc.gov.uk

Sheila Bramley         s.bramley@harting-pc.gov.uk

Penny Curran           p.curran@harting-pc.gov.uk

Sunny Dawson         s.dawson@harting-pc.gov.uk

Stephanie Gaterell    s.gaterell@harting-pc.gov.uk

Nigel Johnson Hill     n.johnsonhill@harting-pc.gov.uk

Jill Martin                 j.martin@harting-pc.gov.uk

John Miller               j.miller@harting-pc.gov.uk

Anthony Palmer       a.palmer@harting-pc.gov.uk

Andrew Shaxson      a.shaxson@harting-pc.gov.uk

Upcoming Events

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