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Access to Petersfield Foodbank facility

The Parish Council Emergency Group are able to refer anyone in need of help to the Foodbank facility in Petersfield where they will be given a minimum of three days’ emergency food and offered support.  Please get in touch with Trish Walker 01730 825201, in confidence, if you would like help


Harting Parish Council Emergency Group (PCEG)

You will all be aware that we are now in a Lockdown situation. We ask you to observe the restrictions and encourage you to stay at home other than for essential food shopping, necessary work or once a day exercise. 

These measures have been brought in to safeguard all of us in the community…and ultimately save lives. The fewer journeys we make the less chance there is of spreading COVID-19.  

If you have any concerns or needs, please contact your ‘buddy’ detailed on your Emergency Information Pack or myself.  

Let us work together as a Community to overcome this.  

Trish Walker 

Clerk to Harting Parish Council 


01730 825201





Information about the Council

Harting Parish Council meets on the third Thursday of the month, except August. Occasionally meetings may be held at other times if business requires it. 

Meetings are held in Harting Community Hall, South Harting at 7.30pm.


Harting Parish Council - Clerk: Trish Walker

email:  clerk@harting-pc.gov.uk

contact number:  01730 825201

Chairman:  Andrew Shaxson

email:   a.shaxson@harting-pc.gov.uk

Vice Chairman:  Sheila Bramley

email:  s.bramley@harting-pc.gov.uk

Planning Chairman:  Sheila Bramley






Upcoming Events

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