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31 July 2019Notice of conclusion of audit

The external audit is now complete with no advisory notices for the Parish Council. The documentation is available to see in the document library in the audit section.

29 July 2019Two vacancies for Parish Councillors

Parish Council Vacancies

The parish council has two vacancies for residents to become members of the Council. Because there is no election imminent then a co-option procedure will be followed.

Parish Councilors are volunteers who give up their time to try and make the Parish a better place to live and work. They have a range of powers and duties over local facilities and make decisions, which affect Parishioner’s everyday lives. Councilors are not paid and have to abide by a local government code of conduct.

The Parish Council also provides services for the local people. These will range from recreation grounds and play areas, to libraries and allotments. What is provided is down to your Council. There is a list of the activities that a Parish Council has the power to provide. Like any statutory body it can only do the things for which the law gives a power.

You will be required to attend a monthly Parish Council Meeting which takes place on the 2nd Wednesday of every month except August between 19.00/21.00. There may be other ad hoc meetings when necessary and you may also be asked to participate in several projects or become more involved in any areas you take a particular interest in. To appreciate what is involved in being a Parish Councilor a copy of the good councilors Guide will be sent out with the application paperwork.

Training is available and support will be found from colleagues and the Clerk to the Council.

If you are interested in this role please contact the Parish Clerk who will send you a form to check your legal eligibility to be councilor, an application form and a copy of the Good Councilors Guide (if you do not provide an email address we will be unable to send the good Councilors Guide). Applications will be accepted until close of play on Friday 23rd August. Then successful applicants will be invited to a meeting to discuss their reasons for wanting to be a Councilor. The successful applicant will be the one who receives the majority of votes at this meeting should there be a tie it may be necessary to repeat the process until a majority is reached.

For more information or to apply please contact Louise Pringle at heddonpc@gmail.com  or Tel 01661 854583

22 July 2019New statment regarding the meeting with Heddon Juniors Football Club

Statement number 4

A meeting was held between Heddon on the Wall Parish Council with Heddon Juniors Football Club on Friday 19th July. The Parish Council presented their offer to give the club the ability to use Selman Park. Heddon Juniors Football team took this away to make a decision on the offer provided. It was agreed at the meeting for both parties to state that they were in discussions and to put out a joint statement when a decision was made. Heddon Juniors put out their own statement on Sunday stating that they have declined the offer. The Parish Council was unaware of this until today Monday.

The minutes of this meeting and the ones to decide what to offer the club to ensure the correct use of the park are available on our website. So you can see what was offered and agreed.

The Selman Park Committee remains and a statement will be made regarding the use of the park over the next couple of months. The times offered to Heddon Juniors Football Club will be open to any local youth football team wishing to form or looking for a home. Any residents wishing to join the committee will be welcome as will any ideas for things you want to do.

The Parish Council does not condone the comments of a personal nature that are appearing on Facebook with threats etc. and will not be entering into any personal comment or criticism regarding this decision. 

The website address is www.parish-council.com/Heddononthewall or you can search for it on Google. There are various posts on the news page and the documents are in the documents library in their own Selman Park file.



08 July 2019Statement regarding Selman park and Heddon Juniors

Due to the increased activity on social media and In the interest of transparency in this matter the Parish Council have decided to publish all minutes and documents sent and received for everyone to be able to see how and why decisions have been made. This includes minutes of the meeting where the original decision was made. The letters sent to Heddon Juniors etc. up to the current request the council sent to Heddon Juniors for a meeting to look at possible ways forward. You will see that the council have formed a council sub-committee to discuss all points regarding Selman Park and published a statement on social media and our website on June 29th. The website will be kept current on this issue with different documents as they become available which should answer your questions and ensure that you know exactly what is going on.

The website address is www.parish-council.com/Heddononthewall or you can search for it on Google. There are various posts on the news page and the documents are in the documents library in their own Selman Park file.

This statement will be placed on the social media sites, the parish council website and the notice boards in Heddon

The Parish Council are currently arranging a meeting with Heddon Juniors which will happen at some time this week or next and a further statement will be made at that time.

04 July 2019Parish Council Statement

The Parish Council wish to assure Parents of the children of Heddon and those that attend Heddon Primary School that football activities will be maintained at Selman Park for the 2019-20 season, and have agreed to meet with current users to discuss the availability of the site and suitability for use.

29 June 2019Changes at Selman Park - Parish Council Statement

Public Statement re Planning application and Heddon Junior expansion plans for Selman Park.

On review of the recent planning application submitted by Liam Duffy, Chairman of Heddon juniors FC in May 2019 Heddon PC convened a special meeting to discuss the application in all of its merits and see if it could actively work with and support the junior fooball club moving forward with its application.

Unfortunately, due to some of the detail it was agreed that Heddon Parish Council could not support the application or the further development of Heddon juniors up at the Selman Park facility.

The decision was not taken lightly with many avenues and options discussed, unfortunately none of the options discussed would have assisted the juniors in the short term and would therefore hinder the future development of Heddon juniors growing squad numbers, currently advertised at over 14 Squads.

The main areas of concern further to the planning application were as follows:

1.The access to the current facility is congested at the best of times as it is a single-track lane with minimal passing places (Heddon PC could find no option to assist here)

2.The traffic has already caused major issues with farmers and residents over the last two years and would only get worse with two fields been used for pitches 7 days a week

3.The introduction of further traffic would only further compound the above issue

4.The whole expansion plan relied on the continued use of Selman Park, which was on a short term let year to year. This potentially meant that juniors could have moved away at any point and left the village with a field next to it run by an organisation from outside of the area that did not understanding our local area and the surrounding Heritage status and the impact that future changes would have on the local area.

5.The neighbouring property in a rural area is now already impacted by training sessions most nights of the week, with two sessions running most evenings and multiple on both days of the weekend, so expansion in squads will only make this matter worse.


To summarise Heddon Parish Council would like to clarify that the original plans for Selman Park were always to be for the youth and people of Heddon with a small amount of use by 3rd parties.  Unfortunately,  but well done to Heddon Juniors, the rate of expansion and the addition of even further teams mean these plans would now see the facility mainly used by a 3rd party organisation most of the week, with the knock on effect of local children and residents not being able to use the facility.

The council has put together a committee to encourage and plan the growth of use of the field by local residents, to encourage youth football and a variety of other sports that residents of the village are interested in and also fun activities such as the village show or fun sports days. Should anyone want to be a part of this team please contact the Parish Clerk.

Heddon Parish council would like to wish the juniors all the success moving forward with their plans for expansion and growth and thank them for the association over the past two years.

Kind regards Heddon Parish Council

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