Police And Community Together (P..A.C.T.)

An introduction to PC Paul Foley, your local bobby


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is PC Paul Foley and I have just recently taken on the role of Beat Officer for the Middleton St George, Hurworth, Neasham and Sadberge Wards.

I have been a police officer for just over 14 years now and a Dedicated Beat Officer for 10 years previously working in Darlington Town Centre.

Although the rural area will be a totally different area to work I relish the prospect of working there and am looking forward to getting to know the area , its residents and working with key individuals within the community.

I also work with PCSO John Angus who has over 5 years experience of working in the area and the village also has the unique advantage of having its own dedicated Special Constable, SC Fairweather, who is a lady.
I would like to use this newsletter to make people aware of the Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meetings which are held every month in the above mentioned villages.

 In order to find out the time and venue of the next PACT meeting please check our website (http://www.durham.police.uk). There will hopefully be representatives (residents and councillors) from all the aforementioned wards at these meetings
The last meeting in November was very well attended and it would be great to see more people at the meetings to help us make an impact and for us to be fully aware of the issues affecting you as residents.

 The PACT priorities for Hurworth/Neasham have been agreed in prior meetings and all the partners are working towards reducing anti social behaviour and criminal damage in the Roundhill Road/Hurworth Grange area.

Speeding also remains a priority and we are also working towards educating motorists who travel through the villages by the use of speedwatch.



If you would like general information on the police please go to Local Policing Summary 2009/2010

It is possible to obtain much local information such as crime figures, frequency, meetings (PACT etc) at ;


Hurworth Info

Neighbourhood Watch

Hurworth Crimemapper

To use the Crimemapper site simply land on the area you are interested in i.e. Hurworth, or anywhere else, and then choose from the type of crime you want information on. To get Hurworth statistics you will need to zoom in a fair bit. 

PACT Meetings

The Parish Council have decided that in future PACT meetings will be held in conjunction with monthly Parish Council meetings at The Grange. 

Darlington Neighbourhood Watch

Hello everybody – my name is Sandra Phipps and I am the new Chair of Darlington Neighbourhood Watch Association. Let me tell you about a few things that we do.

Neighbourhood Watch is about local people working together to create safe, attractive, friendly places to live. Places where crime is less likely to happen and people are less likely to turn to Anti-Social behaviour.

It is about you looking out for your neighbours and them looking out for you.

It’s about making sure that no one feels alone, scared or vulnerable in the place where they live. It makes us feel connected to our community.

Neighbourhood Watch groups get involved in all kinds of activities. They often join forces not just with the Police, but with many other organisations to make their neighbourhoods secure and pleasant. They can offer home security equipment, pass on vital information and inform members of events and meetings in their area.

In Darlington, we now have:

3274 stand-alone members

1179 co-ordinators, who cover

12,693 households.

In fact 38% of Darlington households are now in a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

Could you help to increase that number? We are aiming for 50% by the end of 2016.

If you are not yet in the scheme and are interested in joining – either as a stand-alone member or as a co-ordinator passing messages on to neighbours, friends and family.

Please contact: - DARLINGTON SAFER NEIGHBOURHOODS UNIT on 01325 346 832 or by emailing – djsnu@durham.pnn.police.uk

They will be pleased to discuss any queries and answer any questions you may have.

Remember – If you need the Police dial 101. In an emergency dial 999

You can report any concerns confidentially by phoning CRIME STOPPERS on

0800 555 111

Thank you for your time – SANDRA PHIPPS, Chair Darlington Neighbourhood Watch Association. March 2014
















































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