11 August 2020
Otterburn Play Area

Following the government guidance the play area in Brierley Gardens is open again.

However it is vital anyone visiting the play area follows the government guidelines on social distancing.

Government guidance suggests that the Covid19 virus can survive for up to several days on some hard surfaces. The risks are reduced when outdoors, where surfaces may be subject to UV light and / or rain. Those wishing to use the play area do so at their own risk but here are the basic rules you must follow when in and around the equipment

- Maximum number of users in the play area at any one time will be five. If there are five there when you arrive please come back another time.  Users must however be on different pieces of equipment unless they are part of the same 'bubble'.

- Only one family member to accompany children.

- Use hand gel before and immediately after using each piece of equipment.

- Stay 1m + from all others in the play area.

- Avoid touching your face.

- Avoid contact with anyone else in the play area.

- Cough / sneeze into your arm.

- Consumption of food and drink within the play area is not permitted.

- Please dispose of all litter appropriately.

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