11 June 2021
Adapt weekly bus service to Morpeth

The Ray Windfunds board of directors have been working with Liz Prudhoe of Adapt, North East to arrange an intial 12 month trial bus service that will run from Byrness to Morpeth each week. This scheme will be funded by Vattenfall UK via Ray Windfarm. 

The service will be for those local residents without a vehicle or are unable to drive. Whilst details are still to be confirmed it is proposed the service would run each Wednesday (Morpeth market day), providing a door to door service, and allowing passengers approximately two hours in Morpeth from late morning.

When the service becomes operational those who would wish to use it would initially need to contact Adapt and register their details. Whenever a registered person wished to use the service they would contact Adapt to book a seat.

As the service is being funded by Ray Windfunds it is free to passengers. At the end of the 12 month trial period there would be a review on how it progressed beyond that time.

The bus will be sanitised at the beginning of the service and again in Morpeth before the return trip. Adapt ensure all their services are Covid secure and passengers are asked to wear face masks. Additionally all seats on the bus face forward. There is wheelchair access on the bus.

Please can you contact Martin Chilvers at either 01830 520535 / martin@raywindfund.co.uk if you feel this is a service that you would like to use.

Assuming there is an appetite for this service it is hoped it will be up and running from early July, 2021.

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