07 March 2018
Byway open to all traffic No 48 (Plan 33)

There is a proposal from Northumberland County Council (NCC) to make the byway attached open to all traffic.

NCC is seeking assistance in the investigation of this byway before a final decision is made. If you have any comments / knowledge of this path please let the Parish Clerk, Martin Chilvers at otterburnpc@hotmail.co.uk know by 20 May, 2018. Points raised by NCC are

1) Any facts or evidence to support or rebuttal the proposed modification identified

2) For the Byway Open to All Traffic route it would be useful if you could indicate what you think the balance of public use between walkers, cyclists, horse riders and motor vehicles has been over the last five years.

3) Going back further is it possible that during the period of May 2001 to May 2006, public motor vehicular use of the route was greater than the combined public pedestrian, equestrian and bicycle use?

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