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03 April 2017
Dog Fouling

If you see an owner who misses picking up after their dog or purposely ignores the mess you should report this to the council on 01872 572727, advising time and day, name if you know it, details of the location, and they will try to identify/confirm who the dog owner is.

In addition, if you find excrement on the inner green, or pathway beside the green, you can report this to the council on 01872 572727, and they can view historic footage on the cctv video, try to identify when the dog did it, and who was the dog’s owner.  Again, the council needs details of the location to start searching for the owner.

The council will then follow them up with advice, or a fine.

For example, for someone with mobility issues, a first & final warning may be given and a long handled pet poo picker may be recommended.

Reports to the council can be anonymous if you wish.