Pirbright Parish, in the borough of Guildford, has an area of some 1902 hectares (4711 acres), with a total population of 3691 (census 2011).  1493 of the population live in the village with the remainder living in outlying settlements and in the military area to the north of the railway.

The village is almost entirely surrounded by heathland, much of it owned and used by the MoD.

Transport links include an hourly bus service to the nearby towns of Guildford and Woking, or train from the nearby village of Brookwood. There is a general store and playgroup in the military area, but recent years have seen the loss of shops, including the post office and newsagent, in the village centre.

The Parish Council acts as a liaison between the parish and borough and county councils and also submits an opinion on all planning applications in the parish to Guildford Borough Planning Department.
Meetings of the Council and its committees are held at the Green Hut Meeting Room and are open to the public (see notice boards and website for dates and agendas). An Annual Parish Meeting is held in April for all residents.

This year's Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Monday 24 April.  To read the Chairman's report for 2015-16, click here

The work of the Parish Council is funded by a council tax precept (supplement), from which the village green, its footpaths, car parks, trees, children's playground and the war memorial are maintained.
You can contact the Parish Clerk by post at the Parish Shop, The Green, Pirbright, Woking GU24 0JT, phone 01483 476432 or email: pirbrightparishcouncil@yahoo.co.uk.
Alternatively please call in at the Green Hut Meeting Room, which is open to the public on Monday and Thursday mornings, 10am - Noon or at Talk Shop, when you can meet parish councillors and the borough and county councillors, on the first Monday of each month at 7.30pm.

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