PPC Governance

Voters in the parish have the right to view the Annual Return, which is completed following rigorous inspection by an Independent Internal Auditor, the Annual Return with a Governance Statement and Accounting Statements for the financial year 2016-17 was approved by the Parish Council at its Annual Meeting, held on 16 May 2017.  

To view the report from the Independent Internal auditor, click here

To view the report & certificate from the External Auditor, click here

To view the conclusion of audit notice, click here


Parish Councils are required to discharge their duties and powers within the law and according to their governance policies on the conduct of meetings and financial matters.  These policies are reviewed annually and updated when appropriate.

To learn more about the work of the Parish Council, click on this link: AboutParishCouncils.pdf  and for its Terms of Reference, click here:

Complaints Policy 2012.pdf 


Financial Regulations 2017-18

Risk Assessment 2017-18


Parish Councillors are required to complete a Register of Disclosable Interests on taking their seats on the Council.

To view these, click on the links below:

Cllr E. Eason

Cllr S. Fidgett

Cllr J. Hallam

Cllr M. Hobbs

Cllr C. Newman

Cllr R. Richmond

Cllr L. Swinney














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