Meetings of the Planning Committee are held when required to consider planning applications submitted to the Parish Council by Guildford Borough Council.

There will be an extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 21 November to discuss the current pending applications.  To view the agenda, click here

Pirbright Institute Master Plan

To view the previous submission from the Parish Council to Guildford Borough Council about the Master Plan, click here:

An extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council was held at 7.30pm on 30 June in the Clubroom of Lord Pirbright's Hall to discuss the Pirbright Institute Master Plan Outline application 14/P/00826.  To view the minutes, click here:

Pirbright Institute’s Head of Engineering & Estates has confirmed that the outline application made to GBC for the Masterplan has been withdrawn, with a view to resubmitting an updated version before the end of the year.








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