Village Dragon Fair



How do we follow the brilliant day we had in June at the Pirbright Village Duck Fair? With a Village Dragon Fair! The popular central arena will be back for displays and the village green filled with competitions, games and food, and this time the theme will be dragons.

Put June 15th 2019 into your diary now and start thinking about YOUR dragon.

If you would like to help with planning, or if your organisation would like to be involved, contact Lindsay on



It's not too early to begin planning a stall for the fair.  To download the application form, click here


Did you know that Pirbright has its own dragon? You have
probably walked past it hundreds of times. Next time you pass the church, look up to the top of the steeple, where there is a beautiful golden dragon weather vane. It is there because the church is dedicated to St Michael the Archangel. When Satan tried to seize power in Heaven, it was St Michael who led the battle against the forces of evil, and defeated them.

St Michael is often shown in art killing a dragon, which represents Satan and all evil. If you look carefully, you will see
that the dragon, representing the power of evil, is flying away from the village because Pirbright is protected by St Michael.

Today dragons are more familiar as fantastical beasts in the Harry Potter stories, or in Game of Thrones and How to Tame your Dragon. They are depicted as huge, flying reptiles, with scaly, serpentine bodies, sharp claws and fierce teeth. In these stories, dragons can be trained to carry warriors into battle, spewing fire in a deadly attack. 

What will YOUR dragon be like at the Summer Dragon Fair on 15th June?

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