Sought after update on the continued use of Moor Road by construction vehicles as Cottier Grange development continues...
17 October 2017

Cottier Grange Update from Gentoo Homes

Works to reconstruct the spine road through the new Cottier Grange site have unfortunately suffered a number of setbacks, meaning that construction traffic is still only able to access the site by the temporary entrance on Moor Road. This is until the spine road reconstruction is complete.

We understand such delays may not be particularly welcomed by local residents and we do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Due to the site constraints, planning permission allows for us to use this entrance as a temporary measure until the new spine road is reconstructed, as unfortunately there is no other option other than to use the temporary entrance. We can assure you that our contractors are prioritising completing the reconstruction of the spine road to allow all site traffic to revert back to using the main entrance to the site from the B6395.

In terms of the construction traffic that uses the temporary entrance on Moor Road, we continue to reiterate to drivers they should drive with care, to the speed limits and to follow the designated routes and times. If this is not the case, please report this to us and we will take appropriate action with the companies involved.

We have opened the new driveway and landscaped areas that lead from the B6395 up to our new sales centre at the very front of the site, allowing pedestrians to again enter/exit Priestclose Woods via the much-improved driveway.

We have also completed the installation of new steps leading from the site down to the Stanley Burn, in line with guidance from Northumberland County Council, and this area is now much improved. Again, unfortunately, due to knock on effects of delays to the spine road, the adjoining Public Right of Way (PROW), which runs through the middle of the site down to the new steps, will need to remain closed for public safety. This is until the spine road works and associated major electrical mains situated in and around the PROW are completed.

We are liaising with Northumberland County Council and they are aware of the issues and are committed to re-open the PROW as soon as it is safe to do so. We will need to close the PROW at various points over the full duration of the construction programme to allow for further construction work to take place.

Once again, we’re endeavouring to complete the works as quickly as possible so please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this causes for you.

Jonathan Coxon
Communications Manager Gentoo


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