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Aqueduct - Improvements to pedestrian facilities 

In March, Cumbria County Council Highways Department proposed two schemes to improve pedestrian access under the aqueduct and asked the Parish Council to consider which option was best. We consulted residents by a questionnaire and at our Annual Parish Meeting.  The overwhelming majority of responses favoured Option 2 which retains the existing pavement and adds road markings, surface paint and “Give way to Pedestrian” signage.

Informed by this feedback, the Parish Council responded to Highways and they have agreed to proceed with the second option


Residents made several further suggestions and comments which we also passed on to Highways:

  • The particular problems experienced by people using push chairs, wheel chairs and mobility aids under the bridge were highlighted.
  • Luminous paint was requested on the arch of the bridge but we have been advised that it is not a prescribed product to use on the highway
  • The suggestion to improve the wooden bridge extent markers and the warning signs will be investigated.
  • The suggestion to install railings along the pavement would not be supported as it would reduce the already tight width of the footway and would also be vulnerable to damage from vehicles travelling under the bridge.
  • We have once again contacted the Traffic management Team and Better Highways regarding the County Council’s decision not to support the creation of a 20mph zone in the village. They have been made aware of the increase in traffic using the village as a rat run since the flooding diversion. 
  • Lighting and SATNAV signage near the roundabout will be discussed at our May meeting.


Thank you to all residents who contributed to the consultation.

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