27 March 2019Tell the Police What You Know


There have been reports of a group of thefts in Skidby Village, it seems on a few roads in one night.  The thieves were organised with tools to get access into sheds and garages.  They used cutters to remove safety chains and took all they wanted, even when you may have secured them in a theft proof way.

The community is rallying together and share their private CCTV footage to help catch those responsible.

If you have anything to report to the police it can be done online quickly and at a time to suit you.  Finding culprits can be like a jigsaw and your information could be the missing block to make sense of what they have - so please add your information even if it does not fit what you know, the police use everything to build a picture of events and those involved.

Many thanks

Francine Tate

Clerk to Skidby Parish Council


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