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11 January 2011

Somerset Waste Partnership

manages waste and recycling services on behalf of all local authorities in Somerset. For information, latest news and the chance to become a recycling champion,
see our website.  We welcome your suggestions and ideas, so join the chat today on Facebook or Twitter, or email us: 
Q: What’s it worth?
A: Millions

RECYCLE For All It’s Worth is the dynamic new campaign from Somerset Waste Partnership to help residents cut costs and boost recycling. The average Somerset family recycles half of their annual tonne of waste, helping save £3 million a year in landfill costs.
With enhanced Sort It Plus kerbside recycling collections rolling out across the county, achieving big gains in recycling rates and cuts in Somerset's £8 million a year landfill costs are now easier than ever.
From Somerset's present 50% recycling rate, a 10% rise would immediately save an impressive £1.7 million a year. There are lots of easy targets. Recycling all card would save £450,000, all paper £500,000, all furniture, textiles and electrical items would together save £750,000.
Food waste is the big one. Wasting less, home composting what is possible, and putting the rest in the kerbside food waste container, could save £1.6 million that could be spent on council services.
Champions wanted
ARE you a keen recycler?
Know someone who is?

SWP is recruiting unpaid volunteer Recycling Champions to get the message out in their communities. It’s easy to get involved – email your details to: recycle@somersetwaste.gov.uk
Slim your bin
HOLIDAYS mean more food and drink, decorations and gifts, consumption and generosity — and also a lot more rubbish in the bin.Yet greening the festive season is simple: resist the impulse to chuck out all the mess, and check what your recycling boxes and local Recycling Centres can take. Half the county has Sort It Plus kerbside collections with boxes for glass bottles and jars, paper, cans and foil, clothes and shoes, cardboard, household plastic bottles, food waste and even car batteries.
What more could you recycle?
PS: See our website for how to recycle your Christmas tree.
Bad weather? Collections updates on our website
… recycling more would reduce future landfill costs by another £5.5m. Recycling saved Somerset £3m this year …