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15 March 2011
elections 5th May

Becoming A Walton Parish Councillor

The closest tier of government to the people

Are there things you’d like to change in your local area, do you want to make your village better or want your community to be amongst the best ?

Parish Council Elections – 5th May 2011

If you are interested in standing for election you should contact your parish clerk as soon as possible via www.parish-council.com/walton or walton.clerk@yahoo.com

To stand for election at a Parish Council you need to be:

·         At least 18 years of age on the day of nomination

·         A British Subject or citizen of the Irish Republic; or

·         A citizen of a member state of the European Union or a Commonwealth country and a resident in the UK; &

·         Either on the electoral register for the parish, or have lived or worked in the parish for at least 12 months or within three miles of it

You must also meet at least one of these four criteria:

1.   You are registered to vote in the elections for the Parish Council on the day you are nominated and on the day of the election and remain registered thereafter; or for at least 12 months continuously up to the day of your nomination and the election.

2.   You live in the Parish; or

3.   You own or rent either land or premises in the Parish; or

4.   Your main place of work is in the Parish.

You CANNOT stand for election if:

·         In the last five years you have been in prison or on a suspended sentence for three months or more;

·         You have been declared bankrupt or made a composition or arrangement with creditors;

·         You are an employee of the Parish Council;

·         You have been disqualified