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07 August 2012
Agenda for August Parish Council Meeting

Walton Parish Council Meeting
For Friday 10th August 2012 at 7:00pm in the Village Hall.
Public Speaking  ~ Walton Residents will be able to speak on any agenda item except those [if any] marked as confidential. Those wishing to speak should indicate at the start of the meeting and advise the Chairman of the agenda item[s] they wish to be heard on. A maximum of 30 minutes in total will be given to the public open session.
             ~ The open forum for residents is to allow residents to speak on items NOT on the Agenda,
either just for information or to facilitate that item being placed on the agenda for a future meeting. There is a maximum of five speakers per meeting and two minutes per item.  After each item the parish council will take a vote as to whether or not the item is placed on the agenda of the next parish council meeting.

1.         To accept Apologies for absence
2.         To confirm minutes of the previous meeting  ~ 13th July 2012
3.         Residents declarations of interest in speaking on agenda items
4.         Open Forum for Residents 
5.         Councillors Disclosure of any undeclared interests and dispensations granted
6.         To receive  reports from the County Councillor and District Councillor 
7.         To receive a report from the Police Community Support Officer
8.         Katie Marsh ~ Glastonbury resident, landowner & potential developer re Local    Development Framework
9.         Roads & Traffic through the village ~ to receive reports on the following and consider
        the agreement of any action required:    
                           a)  verges                        b)  general condition of roads & traffic around the village

10.         Planning    
                     a) To receive any planning decisions reported. 
                     b) To consider any applications received:
1.2012/1532 – 84 Main Street BA16 9QN Erection of a dwelling~ full planning permission
2.2012/1424 – Somerwell Farm Whitley Lane BA16 9RW ~ Erection of livestock shed, construction of earth banked slurry lagoon and enlargement of existing concrete yard area.

                     c) To consider a report on Enforcement. 
                     d) Any General planning issues raised by the Chairman
11.       The Legacy of Mr. H. Skinner ~ to receive reports and agree any action required:                                       
                      a) land purchase for allotments - general report and update
                      b) a day trip for residents
12.          Consultations: ~ To consider the following and any responses to be made:
                      a) Draft Local Audit Bill

                      b) Payments by Parish & Community Councils
13.          Mendip Strimmer Project ~ To consider the report received on the project
14.          Walton in bloom ~ Results of village competition
15.          Village Fun Day ~ To consider any assistance to be provided by the Parish Council
16.          To receive and consider approval of the Monthly Financial Report
17.          To consider the authorization of Expenses & the agreement of Cheques for
         payment of accounts
18.          To Consider The Process for Precept Grant Applications this year
19.          To receive reports on the village Play Areas and consider the agreement of action  in response to proposals 
              a)  Meadow Lane                     b)           Hempitts Road Play area
20.       To consider the dates of next years parish council meetings
21.        To consider minor changes to the Community engagement strategy
22.        To consider a Council training strategy
23.        Upcoming meetings ~ for information & decisions re attendance

    (Date circulated: 3rd  August  2012 ~ Helen Moore ~ Clerk to the Council     Helen Moore   )                                                                
Copies of current and recent Minutes and Agendas may also be viewed at the Parish Council Web Site at:  www.parish-council.com/walton