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22 August 2012


Parish Precept Grants


The Parish Council welcomes requests from previous recipients of precepts, those whose requests have previously been refused and from groups / organisations who have not previously requested a precept.  

Any grants agreed will be paid during the 2013/2014 financial year ~ generally in April.


The Parish Council use the following procedure for requests from village organisations for a precept grant:


  1. The organisation to advise the Clerk ten days in advance of the next Parish Council meeting that they wish to make a request. This meeting is on September 21st  2012 and so such requests need to be made by September 11th

please note that the actual details of the request are not required until the meeting on September 21st.


  1. Any requests received on or by September 11th will become an agenda item for the meeting of the 21st September Parish Council Meeting and this will provide the opportunity for either a verbal or written presentation [or both] to be made by those applying.


  1. Councillors will discuss the requests that have been made at the next Parish Council meeting on October 12th 2012. These requests will be agenda items in order to facilitate any comments from residents on them. The decision will then be made to either approve that the request be carried forward to the next Parish Council meeting or not.


  1. At the Parish Council Meeting on November 9th the actual sums of money to be precepted for those requests brought forward to this meeting will be agreed.



Helen Moore

Clerk to Walton Parish Council



21 Bere Lane Glastonbury Somerset BA6 8BD                            07971 377735  / 01458 833 483