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30 April 2013
Recent Litter Pick

You might have seen a few people in the village wearing bright yellow jackets recently.....

Walton Parish Council responded to a resident who had drawn their attention to litter around the village and suggested the possibility of volunteers coming forward to form a clean up day. The parish council responded and made an appeal in its newsletter and with a positive response set about ordering the necessary equipment for the day.

Saturday the 20th April was the day when thirteen volunteers turned up to join the two parish councillors who had organised the day. Armed with a litter grab, safety jacket and protective gloves the main group posed for a photo before they went off to their allotted areas to start the clean up mostly in the western end of the village. Councillor Bob Pletts one of the organisers can be seen on the right of the group photo.

At the eastern end, parish councillor Clive Bishop was helped by the assistant manager and a serving assistant from McDonalds who kindly lent a hand.

The clean up yielded twenty five black rubbish bags of litter from around the village as well as a couple of car tyres which is a credit to all the volunteers on the day.

I think it is worth mentioning that all to often fast food outlets, and to a degree supermarkets, get the blame for litter in areas surrounding the shops but the real blame must be with the customers who did not use litter bins or take their rubbish home.

Thanks must go to Purseys Garage for supplying the high visibility jackets used on the day, Sainsburys for the strong litter bags and to McDonalds for supplying two of their staff to help with the litter pick.

[pictures and write up by J. Hanrahan ~ hard work done by the volunteers!]