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26 June 2013

Somerset Community Oil Scheme
Save ££s on your heating oil this summer

The Somerset Community Oil Scheme is a bulk-buying oil scheme launched in Somerset in September 2011 now boasting over 580 members both domestic households and commercial users; schools, businesses and community buildings.

How the membership works:

    Annual membership is £20 for domestic users and £30 for community buildings, schools and churches
    Annual membership for business users is based on your annual usage
        Under 5,000 litres per year - £30
        Between 5,000 and 10,000 litres per year - £60
        Over 10,000 litre per year - £100
    Since we began we have made 22 oil purchases on behalf of our members totalling 1,095,030 litres and saving our members £47,163.79 in total!
    On average our members have saved £44.00 against the average price for a 1000 litre order.

CCS is a charitable company which has been in existence since 1926 to support action in local communities; we continually look for opportunities to help and benefit local people and local communities.

Summer's here- order now and save ££s

The summer is here and oil users can maximise their savings by purchasing oil in the summer months when the price of heating oil is at the lowest. In July 2012 we purchased at 50.48ppl – 9.1ppl cheaper than the member price for November! You can save even more by joining the scheme. Check out our website for more information: www.somersetrcc.org.uk/oil


Sign up here! - www.somersetrcc.org.uk/oil
Introduction & Year 1 savings – www.somersetrcc.org.uk/oil/oneyearon
Deadline dates & previous prices - www.somersetrcc.org.uk/oil/dates
Further information on our purchases – www.somersetrcc.org.uk/oil/purchaseinfo
Our monthly scheme update – www.somersetrcc.org.uk/oil/update