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07 August 2014
Bus Stop

New Bus Stop at the Western End of the Village.

The parish council received a request from residents to consider having an extra bus stop installed at the western end of the village.

Following discussions with Highways and the bus companies it was considered that this could be possible and then a consultation with residents living at that area of Main Street was carried out - a summary of results of the consultation can be seen on the council information page - the council considered and fully discussed the issue and all the consultation responses received at their last parish council meeting and agreed to proceed with having the new stop installed.

There is now an official stop sign on a post in the area of Yew Tree Farm on main street - it applies to busses travelling in either direction - and marking will be placed on the road in the near future.

Council hopes that this will be of great assistance to those who use public transport at the western end of the village.