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15 October 2014
No Cold Calling Zone

No Cold Calling in Walton

You will notice some new signs appearing around the village, these have been put up to make everyone aware that cold calling is not wanted in the village.

The parish council have been working with the local police to make people feel safer in their homes and reduce the number of people you do not know knocking at your door. The project was funded by a grant from the police community trust.

If some one does cold call you are encouraged to telephone the local police on 101 and report them, the police will then make enquiries. The signage on its own should help to put off potential dishonest or 'scam' callers.

As an addition to this signage around the village the next edition of the village newsletter due out in November will come complete with a 'no cold calling' sticker that you can place in a window close to your door to also discourage unwanted callers.