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28 October 2017
planning application

A new planning application has been submitted for the land to the rear of Pursey's [Rowcliffe's] garage in Walton - the documents relating to this application can be found at Mendip District Council Website. Click on the link below and follow their instructions. THE REFERENCE NUMBER FOR THIS APPLICATION IS 2017/2763/FUL

The parish council will be discussing this application at the FRIDAY NOVEMBER 10th PARISH COUNCIL MEETING - notices will be posted on the village noticeboards and on this website.

Proposed demolition of existing buildings, construction of 21 houses with associated gardens, parking & road. - Site North Of Purseys Garage Main Street Walton Street BA16 9QA

Ref. No: 2017/2763/FUL | Received date: Mon 16 Oct 2017 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application