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12 December 2017
Cold Calling -ALERT


                Please, can I remind you all that if you hear anything from local Walton Residents about a man knocking on doors claiming to be deaf and dumb and trying to sell paintings early this evening, this is a con and residents are reminded to contact Police at the time for us to check them out, The number to use is 101.

                Although the men are not actually doing anything wrong as such, other than cold calling, the Police advise not to buy any of these paintings, as they are not painted properly and do not have any guarantees, something which Trading Standards deal with and are aware. The Police do not like cold calling, as some people who do this have been known to use this way to commit crimes.

The No Cold Calling zone in Walton is designed to deter cold callers from knocking on doors, it will not stop them all together but we ask residents to call police on 101 at the time.

The Police have noticed a lot of discussion about cold callers today in the local area and other than a call in Street, we have had no calls from Walton but have seen a lot of discussion on social media about today’s visits but nobody had called Police

The Police have had no official Police calls this evening in Walton itself, only an e-mail from a local resident who e-mailed me direct to let me know they were in the area and I attended immediately and I am pleased to say, they had just left.

Cold Calling in England is not, as of yet, an arrestable offence, however, when Police attend, we have certain powers that we can utilise to deal with cold callers to send them on their way.

Please do encourage any residents who have cold callers in the future at their door, to please call us and let us know, we are more than happy to help where we can.

Kind regards

PCSO 8919 Tim Richards

Avon and Somerset Constabulary

Tel: 101