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12 January 2018
A39 closure

A39, Main Street, Walton, Somerset

Advance notification of major road works

5 February 2018 – 16 February 2018


Somerset County Council, as the Highway Authority, has a statutory duty to maintain the roads in Somerset; with the exception of the motorway and trunk roads. There is around 4,000 miles of highway network in total, all requiring some form of maintenance at sometime in its life.


The A39, Main Street is showing signs of failure. There are numerous cracks in the road and settlement across the carriageway surface. This location has been subject to many visits to fix potholes over the past 2 years, clearly this is unsustainable and something needs to be done.


Proposed works

The proposed maintenance works will include repairs to the existing highway drainage system, excavation and removal and replacement of damaged kerbs. The length of road between the South Street junction and number 128 Main Street will be resurfaced.(see plan on last page of this information sheet).


Following consideration of all options at the design stage, we have concluded that week 1 (5 -11 February 2018) of the works will be undertaken using a full 24 hour road closure. Week 2 of the works (12 February – 16 February 2018) will be carried out using a daytime road closure. An alternative route will be signed, details at back of information sheet.

We will of course need to maintain access to households and businesses within the village and will have to work closely with those affected by the works. Deliveries and access will be accommodated by liaison with on-site operational staff. Every effort will be made to keep the duration of the works to a minimum.  Pedestrian access will be maintained.

Works Programme.

Any changes to the works programme will be displayed on site information boards.


Public utilities

To complicate the scheme further, there are various public utility apparatus such as gas and water pipes, and electrical cables in the area of excavation. A significant amount of work needs to be done in advance to properly understand and cater for the utility equipment.


Questions and answers…


Why is the road closed?

Put simply, the road is just too narrow to allow us to keep it open during the drainage and surfacing works. We have to comply with national Code of Practice for road works.  We would be breaking the law if we ignored this – and clearly it would not be safe for either the travelling public or the workforce.



Will the road be open during the evening?

It’s our intention to open the road during the evening during the resurfacing operations, but unfortunately it will not be possible to open the road during week one (drainage works) due to the excavations.



Why have you chosen those dates?

There is no perfect time to carry out major work like this, but we have tried to avoid key dates and local events. We accept it will still have a considerable impact which is why we are publicising the work as early as possible.



More information

There is a great deal still to do and some aspects of the works are still uncertain at this stage.  Further communications will be issued as the extent of the scheme becomes clearer. However, we wanted to alert you as early as possible. We recognise this will inevitably have a big impact on the community and we will do our very best to manage and mitigate.


In the meantime, if you have any questions, queries or observations on the works, please use the contact details below:


Call 0300 123 2224 or

Email countyroads-mendip@somerset.gov.uk