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Affordable Housing

Results of the Affordable Housing Needs Survey - Undertaken May/June 2011


With the support of Guildford Borough Council and Surrey Community Action, the Affordable Housing Needs Survey was issued to all households in the Parish earlier this year.  A total of 3,378 surveys were delivered. Out of these, 638 surveys were returned, representing a return rate of 19%, which is fairly typical for a parish of our size and a very good response rate for a voluntary survey. 


The majority of respondents were in support of the idea of a small development of homes for local people, with 456 households, or 71%, answering yes, and 171 households, or 27%, being opposed.  11 respondents (2%) did not respond.

House prices in rural areas like Worplesdon tend to be more expensive than the average price across the Borough.  For a single person to access a 2-bedroom property, a gross annual income of £62,429 would be needed. For a couple, the same property would require a joint gross annual income of £72,833.  A minimum deposit of 10% (£21,850) would also be required by mortgage lenders (for first time buyers this figure typically rises to 25%, or £54,625).


As such, it may not come as a big surprise that the survey discovered there is a need for affordable housing in Worplesdon. The need is a mixture of 1 and 2 bedroom units and a smaller number of 3, 4 and 5-bedroom units. In total, 57 households are in need. Of these, there are 24 single people households, 22 families and 11 couples. A high proportion of households in need are young people, the highest percentage being in their twenties. Of the 57 respondents in housing need, 51 are currently living in the Parish. 6 wish to return to Worplesdon and all have family connections in the parish.


It is essential that all households in need in the Parish are registered on Guildford Borough Council’s housing register, so as to ensure eligibility for any future scheme. 


General comments from respondents were concerned with the need for protecting the Green Belt and the need to keep Worplesdon rural, as well as a need to provide affordable housing for local people.


The need would be accommodated by a mixture of one and two-bedroom units and a smaller number of three, four and five bedroom units. The responses indicate that the majority of units should be rented and that possibly around 1/3 of the housing need could be met through the provision of shared ownership homes.


While the survey indicates that there is a level of housing need equating to 57 units, should homes be built at a future date to accommodate this need, it would not be as many as 57 homes – typically schemes like these consist of around 10 homes or so. As such, the total number of homes that might be appropriate should be a reflection of the need identified in this survey report, the current level of need recorded on the Borough Council’s Housing Register and the number of homes that would be an appropriate number to build in the parish. The total number therefore requires liaison between the Parish Council, the Borough Council and the wider community in Worplesdon itself, and the Parish Council will keep the community informed of any future decisions it may take in this regard.

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