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Riparian ownership

It is vital that all watercourses are kept clear to prevent flooding and the Flood Forum works hard to ensure that the risk of flooding is minimised…  HOWEVER, anyone who has a watercourse within or adjacent to the boundaries of their property is a “riparian owner”.

Riparian Owner Responsibilities

As a riparian owner your responsibilities include the maintenance of the bank and bed of your section of watercourse, in order to avoid any obstruction of flow in the watercourse (including the removal of dead animals).   Where the watercourse runs solely through your property you are responsible for both banks and the bed of the watercourse. 

Where a water course is sited between two or more property boundaries each owner may be equally responsible.


Riparian ownership leaflet -Fairlands

Riparian ownership leaflet - Jacobs Well

Riparian ownership leaflet - Wood Street Village

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