18 March 2015
A Date for your Diary?

Thursday May 7th 2015

A date for your diary - Do you intend to vote?

Thursday 7th May 2015 is an election day – This year you will have the opportunity to make your opinion known on several levels:

You will be able to vote for the candidate you want to represent you in Parliament.
You will be able to vote for the candidate you want to represent you at South Somerset District Council.
And you can help decide who is on the local Ansford Parish Council – the people who represent your village – they are the people who live and work both in your community & for your community.

Every four years your local Ansford Parish Councillors have to stand for election. There are spaces for seven people to represent and give voice to the views of the community – and if you want to you could be one of them!

Parish Councillors can be anyone over the age of 18 who meet the criteria [which mainly focus on living or working in the village] and can be seen in full below. You will need to attend a monthly evening meeting with an open mind, be prepared to read reports and give your opinion on a range of subjects that could affect your village, and listen to and discuss the views of other councillors. You do not have to represent a political party – you just have to represent the people who live in your village.

People who want to be a parish councillor need to fill in a nomination form and return it to South Somerset District Council Offices.

If there are Seven or fewer people nominated by the closing date of Thursday 9th April 2015 then they are automatically elected and on 11th May 2015 become the new Ansford Parish Council for the next four years.


If more than Seven people are nominated then there will be a parish poll and on May 7th 2015 you will get to vote for who you want to be on your parish council.

So do not ignore this opportunity – think about how you want things run on a local, district and national level – think about who you want to represent you –





If you are interested in becoming a councillor  you do not have to be a member of or represent a political party just a local resident. To stand as a candidate at a local election, you must be 18 years old and must be a British, Commonwealth, Irish or other European Union member state citizen. You must meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • have lived in the area involved in the election for the whole of the 12 months before being nominated, and still live in that area on polling day
  • have worked in the area for the whole of the 12 months before being nominated and still work there on polling day
  • have occupied any land or premises as owner or tenant in the area in the whole of the 12 months before being nominated and still occupy it on polling day
  • be registered as a local government elector

There are also some reasons to disqualify certain people from standing as a candidate. You cannot be a candidate if you:

  • are subject to bankruptcy restrictions, or an interim order
  • have been convicted and sentenced to a prison term of three months or more, including suspended sentences, without the option of a fine, at any time in the five years before polling day
  • have been disqualified as a result of an election offence, or a corrupt or illegal practice, by an election court
  • are employed in a 'politically restricted post' by any local authority, unless you can get an exemption from an independent adjudicator appointed by the Secretary of State.

If you are interested in standing as a candidate at an election you can request a nomination pack by contacting the local parish clerk

Helen Moore on 01458 833483 or emailing  ansford.clerk@yahoo.com      


South Somerset  District Council  democracy@southsomerset.gov.uk or 01935 462462 - please state which nomination pack(s) you require (District or Town/Parish) and provide your postal address.

Nomination packs will also include guidance about the whole election process from start to finish including the declaration of any expenditure during the election process.

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