12 April 2015
Priddles Hill Farm planning application

Priddles Hill Farm

The owner of Priddles Hill Farm (on Cary Hill) has applied to fill the valley on his farm with inert landfill.

The site is in Pitcombe parish but is adjacent to Ansford Parish.

There are issues of noise, dust, and desecration of the countryside, public footpaths and traffic to consider. 

Ansford Parish Council has written recommending that this application be refused

You can find full details of this application on


The district reference number is 14/05258/CPO You should put the planning application reference number at the top of any letter you write.

Planning applications of this sort are dealt with at County level.

If you have views on this – for or against - you need to write as soon as possible both to the County Council and copy your letter/email to the District Council as well.  

The hearing is on 16 April at 2pm in Taunton.

Useful addresses:

Somerset County Council write to Bob Mills -  rwmills@somerset.gov.uk

South Somerset District Council write to:     Lee.Walton@southsomerset.gov.uk

Also  please copy your letter toDistrict Cllrs.

Nick Weeks: nick.weeks@southsomerset.gov.uk

And Henry Hobhouse: henry.hobhouse@southsomerset.gov.uk

Letters really really make a difference.


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