28 June 2015

This article is collated from the BBC NEWS website  - link below- and other local news sources - it dies not necessarily contain views of the parish council and is placed here for information only

A major blaze broke out at Dimmer  landfill site in Somerset yesterday afternoon 

Firefighters have spent the night controlling the fire at the site where 10m (33ft) of the site was alight.

People living nearby have been warned to keep windows shut and stay inside, however there is no risk to public health, the site's owners said.

Incident commander Martin Lock is quoted as saying: "We're not directly putting it out at present.

"The reason for that is that we need to liaise closely with the site owners [Virador] and to formulate a plan now that we have daylight available to us.

"Overnight it was necessary to scale back and to prevent the fire from escalating, which we have done."

Mr Lock said conditions for crews were "not particularly very pleasant" and conditions underfoot were also "extremely arduous".

The site's owners, Virador, said in a statement all staff were accounted for and the "developing surface fire" was contained within a waste cell on the site used for the reception of waste," 

"With the site managing non-hazardous domestic and trade waste, there is no risk to public health."

It has been stated that the Environment Agency had been notified and incoming waste at the site would be diverted until services were restored.

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