21 October 2015
About Ansford - October 2015


About Ansford....

Thank you to those of you who have attended  the  Ansford Parish Council meetings recently – it is good for the council to have input from residents at its meetings and  your  show of interest in your local community is appreciated.

A thank you also goes out to those of you who quietly assist in keeping Ansford a safer place by trimming back greenery to help keep signs, pavements and footpaths clear – you know who you are and your time and care is also noticed by the council and very much appreciated.

Trees - Some residents will have seen that a large tree has been removed from the green area at Churchfields – it was dead and had to be taken down. Council is currently looking at what tree[s] to plant in its place.  With regard to this and a with a view to all trees that council is responsible for, there was a recent site meeting with the official Aborialist for the area to look at the trees around the parish owned greens, and consider their future maintenance – his input and report is awaited. Once the advice and report is received a council policy will be drawn up to cover all responsibilities in this area.

Clanville, Alford and Lovington highways improvement scheme is progressing slowly with Ansford Council providing feedback on the latest proposals – which include changes to signage, road markings and traffic monitoring – in a positive manner.  With regard to signage, you may have noted that the traffic signs along the lower end of Ansford Hill  have at last been repaired, which is a big improvement, though do watch out for the still tilting ‘no over taking’ sign.

The number of planning applications, resubmissions and appeals that have occurred within the parish recently have required extra meetings to consider. Your views and concerns have assisted in steering the responses of Ansford Council who have also been liaising with Cary Council, South Somerset planning officers, the neighbourhood plan group and local developers to achieve the best possible outcomes for the area.

The most up to date situation with regard to Station Road area developments is that the two developments closest to Torbay road [one in Castle Cary & one in Ansford] received planning permission this October with the reserved matters for the previously granted Well Farm  development opposite [within Ansford] being considered. The Ansford application approved is for 75 houses, this with the previously approved application at Well Farm will add a total of 115 dwellings to Ansford – a 24 % increase. The local infrastructure and the local community  within this parish has challenges ahead. Liaison is already occurring locally with regard to mitigating proposals for station road and access for the developments that have obtained planning permissions.

 The other two large applications  on Station road [Wayside Farm & the one opposite close to lower Ansford, on the corner  of the dangerous junction with the A road] have been refused permission but it is expected that appeals will be submitted – Council is concerned with regard to these extra two applications as they will add a further 200 dwellings creating a huge total increase to Ansford of 65% .  Ansford Parish Council will be requesting your input  regarding these appeals when they occur.

Other  smaller planning applications considered have included proposals for the Red House on Cumnock road and dwellings along Tank Lane. If you need to see  any planning applications that have been submitted within  the parish of Ansford please continue to contact the parish clerk and this will be arranged – plans are also available to view at the council meeting they are on the agenda for.

The closing of the Clanville 1 railway crossing has had a considerable impact on Clanville with people being required to walk along large stretches of  a busy road with no pavements to reach bus services and local community facilities. Ansford  Council has opposed this closure and are awaiting a formal response and/ or feedback.

The Jubilee Garden micro park has been the subject of a clear up  - with thanks to local residents- it is hoped that this small area with its seating will be a great deal more welcoming now and especially come the spring.

Following a request from a resident the contact details for our local area PCSO and a few other useful organisations  will soon be permanently on the Parish Council Notice boards.  It is good to see the boards being so will used recently, they are a great source of information about local events.

Ansford Council is continuing to make a strong and positive contribution within the Neighbourhood planning group, which is working toward the major public consultation required. It is hoped that future displays and consultations of this  and other joint projects will occur at CaryFord hall or some other local venue in Ansford as well as in Cary Town Centre.

The Fair  Field project – this project that involved the purchase of the field for Ansford and Cary residents, appears to be progressing in a very efficient manner with proposals and costings for the list of “wants” being drawn up and put out for public consultation.  These are the “wants” that were put forward by members of the public for the Fair Field – for example a wild flower area.

Ansford Parish Council recently contributed toward the cost of the full  land survey of the field, although the land has yet to be transferred into joint ownership and still resides with Cary. Hopefully progress in that area will occur soon, a joint agreement having been signed several months ago.

Ansford Council remains a stakeholder in Youth Matters and is participating in stakeholder meetings which, it is  hoped, will soon resolve the difficulties the project has been facing recently. Youth provision within this area continues to be a priority concern.

Due to the clash of dates last year Ansford Parish Council is already considering ideas of how to make the Annual Meeting of Ansford Parish a bit more of an interesting community event.  Currently council are considering a date in April, as soon as ideas are firmed up you will see adverts and invites appearing!

With all the many things that are happening at the moment within the parish, Ansford Council have been very busy and would like to request your help – If you have some interest in your local area, and a couple of hours a month to spare, why not join the Ansford parish council and help shape the future of Ansford?  Contact the clerk or speak to any of your councillors for more information, or come to one of the monthly meetings and take a look.







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