29 October 2017
Local Volunteer Wins Award at South Somerset Gold Star Awards

Ansford Parish Copuncil are pleased to announce the award of runner up to local volunteer Frazer Cronie in the South Somerset Gold Star Awards for 2017. Frazer was nominated for this award by Ansford Parish Council for the excellent work he has done in reinvigorating Youth Matters in the Castle Cary and Ansford area. Congratulations to Frazer. Below is the wording from the nomination made by the Council:


   The councillors at Ansford Parish Council have all agreed that this year’s Gold Star Award for Adult Volunteer of the Year, should be presented to the person who, we felt, had personally contributed a significant degree of support to a local organisation called Youth Matters.

We therefore have pleasure in nominating Frazer Cronie for this Award, as he has taken over the responsibility of running Youth Matters in the Castle Cary/Ansford area of South Somerset. He had, in fact, bravely stepped into the breach at a time of some uncertainty, due to the resignation of members of the previous administration.

Frazer’s commitment to serving the interests of Castle Cary/Ansford’s Youth Matters has been enthusiastically received by the boys and girls over the last few months, leading to a marked increase in attendance. His hands-on approach to coaching these youngsters has been instrumental in both stabilising and invigorating this group of people, and where there has been a real need to win their hearts and minds, and to try and steer them away from antisocial behaviour etc.

Castle Cary and Ansford Council’s have agreed to support and fund ongoing activities for Youth Matters, and it is very encouraging to see that the key to this successful partnership is due to Frazer Cronie’s continued stewardship of this important facility, and for steadily improving the culture of some of the wayward youths within our community.

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