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Meeting Agendas


Parish Council Meetings are held on the second Monday of the months of January, March, May, July, September and November at 7:30pm at the Barrow Gurney Village Hall, Barrow Street.


The Annual Parish Meeting is usually held on the second Monday of May each year, chaired by the Parish Council Chairman, and is an opportunity for all parishioners to find out what the Parish Council have achieved over the past year and what is hoped for the Village in the following year. This is also the occasion at which the Clerk presents the Financial Report for the previous financial year.


Agendas to all Parish Council meetings are published on this website no later than 3 clear days of the meeting date (7 clear days for the Annual Parish Meeting), with copies of the agenda placed on the parish's four notice boards located at the Barrow Gurney Chuch, outside the village shop, at Hospital Cottages and along the A38 at the disused bus stop.


Meetings are open to all and a slot early on the agenda of every meeting is made available for public questions.


Meeting dates for 2020:

13 January, 9 March, 11 May, 13 July, 14 September, 9 November 2020

Meeting agendas 2020


Meeting dates for 2019:

14 January, 11 March, 13 May, 8 July, 9 September, 11 November 2019

Meeting agendas 2019


Meeting dates for 2018:

8 January, 12 March, 14 May, 9 July, 10 September, 12 November 2018

Meeting agendas 2018


Meeting dates for 2017:

9 January, 13 March, 8 May, 10 July, 11 September, 13 November 2017

Meeting agendas 2017


Meeting dates for 2016:

11 January, 14 March, 9 May, 11 July, 12 September, 14 November 2016

Meeting agendas 2016

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