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Notice of Election 2015

The following councillors were elected to office on the parish council on 7 May 2015:

Nick Bevan (Vice-Chair & Highways Warden)

Wendy Brooks

Teresa Hilliard

Steve Power (Chair)

Heather Shuttleworth (Rural Forum Representative) (Resigned 9 July 2017)

Notice of Co-option of Councillor

The following councillor was co-opted to office on the parish council on 18 Sep 2017:

John Lillie (Rural Forum Representative)



The Parish Councillors' Register of Interest forms can be viewed here:



Councillor Heather Shuttleworth

Councillor Heather Shuttleworth was a dedicated member of Brampton Ash Parish Council for many years.  She resigned from the Parish Council in July 2017 and, sadly, she passed away soon after.  She will be greatly missed by her fellow councillors who wish to express their heartfelt sympathy to Stuart and to all of her family.

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