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Examination of the Wyre Forest Local Plan. The following information has been provided by the Programme Officer.

'The hearing sessions of the Examination have now been arranged and will run over a four week period opening at  9.30 am on Monday 11 January 2021.   The sessions will be held virtually on the following days:- 

Week 1:  Monday 11 January, Wednesday 13 January and Thursday 14 January

Week 2:  Monday 18 January, Wednesday 20 January and Thursday 21 January

Week 3;  Monday 25 January, Tuesday 26 January and Thursday 28 January 

Week 4:  Monday  8 February, Wednesday 10 February and Thursday 11 February. 

The following documents have been published which relate to the hearing sessions

ED16  Inspector’s Matters, Issues and Questions

ED17  Inspector’s Guidance Notes for the Examination 

ED18  Draft Hearings programme 

These documents can all be accessed on the hearing sessions page via the link below. 


The Inspector’s Guidance Notes set out the procedures which will be followed during the Examination, including full details on the provision of hearing statements (para 19-24) and participation at the hearing sessions (paras 8-9).

Please Note:  If you would like to participate in the hearing sessions you will need to notify me of this,  even if you indicated that you wished to participate in your response to the invitation to comment on the soundness of the pre submission draft of the Local Plan.'

Key dates for the Examination:-  

Deadline to confirm with me if you wish to exercise the right to be heard if you made a relevant representation seeking a change to the Plan, indicating the Matter and  hearing session: 17.00 hours  on Thursday 19 November 

Deadlines for Hearing Statements: 

Matters 1, 2 and 3:  17.00 hours on Thursday 26 November 

Matters 4, 5 6(i) and 6 (ii):  17.00 hours on Thursday 3  December 

Matters 6(iii) - 6(v), 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11:   17.00 hours Thursday 10 December 

Opening of Hearing sessions:  9.30 am Monday 11 January 2021'

Contact details for the Programme Officer are as follows:   

Louise St John Howe
Programme Officer, 
PO Services, PO Box 10965,
Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 3BF
Email:  louise@poservices.co.uk
Phone:   07789-486419    

The next Parish Council Meeting will take place on Monday 7th December 2020 using the Zoom application. The agenda is under 'Documents' on the tab on the left-hand side of this page. The meeting ID is 853 661 5230, no password is required. Please contact the Clerk if you require any assistance on 01746 781171, mobile 07572108924  or email churchillandblakedownclerk@gmail.com


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