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11 September 2017
Bridge at end of Polecat Lane

Email from Oxfordshire County Council Officer

Just to let you know that, following a recent inspection of the Bridge at the bottom of Polecat Lane, it appears that one of the bridge beams has deteriorated to an extent that we need to strengthen it. We are currently awaiting delivery of a suitable beam and materials to do this and hope that this work can be completed as soon as we receive delivery and most certainly by the end of the month.

In the meantime, to help ensure the safety of users we need to temporarily close the bridge to equestrian users only (walkers and cyclist’s will be unaffected).

I’m just letting you know as advisory signs to this effect will be appearing very soon and may raise query with yourselves locally. As an aside, I am pushing to get this bridge totally replaced so that it can serve purpose for many years to come.


I trust this helps clarify (and helps).

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