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02 June 2019Minutes of the Iken Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 7th February 2019

The meeting took place at Snape Village Hall commencing at 6pm


Cllrs Dr Norman Johnson (Chair), Loulou Cooke, Kate Kilburn and Colin Chamberlain.
Annabel Chamberlain (deputising for the Clerk)

Also in attendance: - David and Sue Spindler, Paul Davis, Jonathan and Audrey Rutherford

Cllr Hugh Waterer, Cllr Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett, Lorraine Lloyd (Clerk), Lady Gieve and Karen Thomas (IDB)

The Chairman welcomed Kate Kilburn to the council.

Councillors’ Declarations of Interest
All have an interest in the river walls and the Chairman stated that he and Colin Chamberlain had met Mr Luigi Beltrandi who is mentioned in connection with the Village Hall.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting and Matters Arising
The Minutes of the meeting held on Friday 9th November were agreed a true record.  They were duly signed and dated by the Chairman.

River Defences
Colin Chamberlain had attended his first meeting as Iken representative on the AOEP.  He updated the meeting with the news that there would be a drop-in session on Wednesday, 27th February 2019, 2–8pm at the Trask Café, Snape Maltings with a presentation at 6pm where the costs of the works will be revealed for the first time.  The Upper Estuary costs are £8.4m which includes £4.8m at Iken.  The Business Case will be agreed this year with mitigation and construction starting in Snape in about one year followed by Iken and Aldeburgh soon after.  The Upper Estuary works will take some four years then the Lower Estuary (including Orford) another four years after that. In the meantime some £300k of the £650k David Andren fund may well be used to upgrade the walls around Orford Quay. 

All walls will be constructed to a high standard – three metres wide which will allow vehicles to move along the length of the wall.  There is no need for any more clay deliveries at Iken although, owing to the quantities involved, it is thought some may need to be moved around the estuary.  The costs have risen substantially but then so has the projected amount to be made available by the government (FDGIA – Flood Defences Grant in Aid) – in the region of some £10m. There has been a large donation from the Garfield Weston Foundation which might be topped up with match funding. Fundraising will begin again in earnest soon and with it, the need to revisit Enabling Development.

Karen Thomas had nothing new to report about the enquiry into the clay deliveries, she sent her apologies but she has plans to be at our AGM in May and update us with further news then.

Letters to Households Surveyed
Norman Johnson said that the seven households considered at greater risk of flooding as a result of the construction works in the Upper Estuary, ie not those already at risk, will be receiving letters the week beginning 10th February outlining what steps will be taken to mitigate the risk to their homes.   The aim is for these houses to be at no greater risk of flooding than if the works on the Upper Estuary did not take place.

Council Tax Precept
Colin Chamberlain noted that while Ray Herring had suggested at last year’s AGM the village explore the possibility of fundraising through raising the precept, the East Suffolk Legal Affairs and Monitoring Officer, Hilary Slater, says this should not be done unless the qualifying conditions under the 2011 Representation of the People Act are satisfied.

Village Hall
Andrew Dennis and Liz Stevens had been paid £200 to clear the brambles and ivy from the walls of the village hall.  It was agreed that they had done a very good job.

Norman Johnson had received an enquiry from Mr Luigi Beltrandi of Friston about the possible purchase of the village hall and surrounding land.  Having received permission from the other councillors, Norman had sent Mr Beltrandi the letter the council had received from Suffolk Coastal District Council of 13 June 2017 regarding the possibility of change of use and development.  Mr Beltrandi was to update Norman Johnson in time for the meeting but had not done so, thus there was nothing to report.   Colin Chamberlain who also knows Mr Beltrandi spoke about the need to speak to the Charity Commission as at present the village hall is held by the Parish Council in charitable trust for the villagers of Iken.  A change to allow for the sale of the property would need to be approved by the Charity Commission so that any monies (from bids obtained on the open market) could be paid to the AOET for the river defences.  Colin Chamberlain had mentioned to Mr Beltrandi that some while ago John Hailes had spoken about contributing (at agricultural value) a piece of land alongside which would make a more attractive package for sale and put greater distance between any new dwelling and the nearest neighbours.  However it is not known if this offer still stood.

Loulou Cooke gave an update about the offer Iken PCC had received from Fram Broadband to pay £200 per annum to install an aerial on the church tower which will provide broadband for an estimated five houses currently without serviceable broadband access at the moment and enhance speeds for current customers.  She was concerned that having agreed to the aerial it might be excess to requirements should BT’s Superfast system be rolled out soon. The Parish Council indicated they were in favour of this new aerial despite the fact that BT have laid trunking through the village although as yet there is no sign of cabling.  Norman Johnson has been in contact with Wil Gibson about this rollout but has not received a response.   BT broadband may suddenly become tomorrow at short notice but this could be years ahead.  The feeling of the meeting was that Fram Broadband was a good intermediate measure despite concerns raised about contractual commitments. 

There was an acknowledgement that the worst pothole at the crossroads had been filled but that the infilling on the road to the church was degrading again as were several areas on the LH side opposite Decoy Cottage.

Lorraine’s carpenter friend, Kevin Smith, had repaired the noticeboard which had blown off its hinges and was damaged.  All expressed gratitude for the promptness of the repair.  However, Kevin had said that he could not totally guarantee the repair because he had glued a section on site rather than take the noticeboard away to replace the worst part of a damaged section.   The expensive pin board could not be left uncovered so an instant decision had needed to be made.  Kevin had invoiced a nominal charge of £60 to cover his material costs.   It was agreed that for the time being we should do nothing further.  We were grateful for Lorraine’s speedy help in this matter.

Resuscitation Training
Norman Johnson reported that Carl Carrington would give a refresher course on the defibrillator at 5pm on Thursday, May 16th at the Hill Farm Office (entrance via the cattle yard) courtesy of Richard and Natasha Mann.  Norman had replaced the pad in the defibrillator which had expired.

Public Forum
Annabel Chamberlain told the meeting that the final date for responses to the Stage 3 of the Sizewell C consultation was Friday, 29th March.  She has the summary document and USB but villagers could also view the information online and receive hard copies on request.

Friston Substation.  Snape Parish Council has invited those concerned about the potential heavy traffic which may be caused – supposedly hundreds of lorries per day for years - to a meeting at Snape Village Hall on Friday, 8th March.  Two representatives of Scottish Renewables will be in attendance.

Parish Council Elections
These will take place on Thursday, 3rd May 2019 at Sudbourne Village Hall.

All places on the council are up for election.

Date of Next Meeting
Friday 17th May - AGM  Iken Village Hall

Finish time  6.52pm

14 May 2019Iken Parish Council AGM

The Annual General Meeting of Iken Parish Council is to be held on Friday 17th May in Iken Village Hall, commencing at 6pm.

The Agenda can be found in the 'Documents for Viewing' section of the menu (left).

25 April 2019Notice of Poll for election of District Councillor

The Notice of Poll for election of District Councillor can be found in the 'Documents for Viewing' folder in the Menu (left). Please note that Iken residents on the Iken Electoral Register can only vote at Sudbourne Village Hall (Range SROIK).

13 April 2019Notice of European Elections

Notice is given that an election is to be held in the Eastern Region for seven members of the European Parliament. If the election is contested the poll will be held on Thursday 23rd May 2019 between 7am and 10pm. Please see more information in the file located in the 'Documents for Viewing' folder (in the menu, left).

09 April 2019Notices of Elections

Notices of the election of Parish Councillors for Iken and the election of District Councillors can be found in the Menu (left) in the 'Documents for viewing' folder.

05 April 2019Defibrillator training reminder

Just a reminder that the rescheduled defibrillator training is taking place at 5pm, Thursday, 16th May at the Hill Farm office (entrance via the cattle yard), courtesy of Richard and Natasha Mann.

It would be helpful if you could let the clerk of the Parish Council know if you plan to attend - see 'Iken Parish Council Contacts' in menu (left) for contact details.


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