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12 January 2021Notice of vacancy in Office of Councillor

Please see the Notice of vacancy in Office of Councillor in the 'Documents for viewing' section of the menu on this website.

12 January 2021Agenda for the extraordinary meeting of Iken Parish Council

Iken Parish Council

AGENDA for the extraordinary meeting of the Council to be held on Friday 15th January 2021 via Zoom commencing at 5pm.






Appointment of new Chairman – signature of the Acceptance of Office form

Proposal to bring clerks salary in line with National Agreement

Budget/setting of precept

For the purpose of this meeting we are suspending the order in IPC Standing Orders re Co-option which is currently out of date and incorrect.

Co-option of councillors and council resolution to co-opt the three successful candidates.

Each of the three currently vacant seats will be elected in turn.

There will be no interviews

To be elected a candidate needs two votes (a majority).

Successful candidates will be requested to complete a Declaration of Acceptance form and to provide the clerk with their names, full postal and email addresses.  The clerk then follows correct process by passing this information to ESC Elections Team.  They in turn email each new councillor directly with a link for them to complete the online Register of Interests.  Once this is complete they will be Councillors will full voting rights. 

 Candidates:  Annabel Chamberlain

                    Jeremy Hinves

                     Alan Hutson

                     Toby Mann

                     Tony Pick

                     Imogen Sayer


Friday 12th February 2021

Friday 14th May 2021 AGM and IPC

Friday 19th August 2021

Friday 20th November 2021


11 December 2020Iken Parish Council agenda for 15th December meeting

Iken Parish Council agenda for the meeting of the Council to be held on Tuesday, 15th December 2020 via Zoom commencing at 5pm.






I. Budget/setting of precept

II. Co-option of councillors

To note position on:

1. River Defenses

2. Coastal Path

3. Sizewell





20 November 2020Councillor vacancy

Due to the resignation of Councillor Louise Cooke, a vacancy has arisen in the Office of Councillor for the Parish Council. Please see the relevant PDF file in the 'Documents for Viewing' section of the menu on this website.

17 November 2020Minutes of Iken PC (meeting held 13th August)

1.     Present (online)

Neville Howe (Chair), Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett (Vice Chair), Cllrs Colin Chamberlain, Dr Norman Johnson, Loulou Cooke, Kate Kilburn, Clerk Lorraine Lloyd

Members of the public:  Audrey and Jonathan Rutherford, Annabel Chamberlain

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the second Zoom meeting and gave a short overview of the direction of the meeting.  He explained that since there were relatively small numbers that Jonathan and Audrey should feel free to join in the meeting as appropriate rather than wait for the allocated slot on the agenda for public sessions.

2.     Apologies

Had been received by email from Sir John and Lady Gieve


3.     Declarations of interests

All have interest in the River Wall project.

Loulou Cooke and Neville Howe have interests in the Coastal Path project.


4.     Minutes of the previous meetings held in May 2020

The Clerk had previously circulated the Minutes and all agreed they were a correct record and could be duly signed and dated by the Chairman as such.


5.     Village Hall

A separate meeting of the Parish Council had been held to discuss the village hall as Trustees.  An options paper had been produced to try to determine where to go next on the matter.  The village hall has rarely been used, perhaps only five times outside of parish meetings in the last couple of decades. There had been two polls carried out over the years and there didn’t seem to be an appetite to use the hall.  The options looked at were whether to demolish it, repair it, go on to sell it or leave things pretty much as they are.

It was decided that to demolish would be expensive and potentially diminish the value of the plot; doing it up would be expensive and it was not thought anybody would use it anyway.  It was thought that if it was left then somebody would have to deal with it later down the road so it was left that the early direction the Trustees should take is to move to sell it.  No agents have been appointed as yet and it was thought that the first step is to take some advice.  The Trustees would be having a further meeting to work out the required process and would be keeping everyone informed to reassure that the right processes are being followed.  As it sits there at the moment there are on-going costs such as insurance and grass cutting, all the utilities have been disconnected so there are no costs in that respect.  We just wanted to bring people up to speed as to where we are at the moment and give people an opportunity to have their say.


I think we have made the decision to sell and that we should proceed at the correct speed to make sure that we act as we should as Trustees of this asset. I think it would be nice if we could set ourselves a six or nine month timetable if we can.


I notice that the rules are different if farmers buy the land and I know that Richard Mann is also interested, what are the differences in the rules for him if he were to buy the land compared to a non-farmer? 


I think that is a good question and I think you have put your finger on it because that is one of the things we will want to explore further.  I don’t understand what the differences are and how that would work so that is one of the things we would need to take advice on. 


It is a different planning process for farmers.  They still pay a fee and still need to have plans approved. 


I also noticed from the Minutes in May that the Council would like to get the best possible price for the land and then in your more recent meeting it suggests that the best price is not necessarily the best option.  I just wondered which of those two thinkings you were now having.  Whether you would like to get the best price or whether you were going to go for the best option.


The obligation that we have as Trustees is to make sure we are acting in the best interests of the village. To that extent we have to make sure that we are looking for the best price for it but that is not necessarily the best price at any expense like ending up with something that the village is unhappy with. That is the reason we must strike the right balance, to act in the best interest of the village as a whole because clearly we are all beneficiaries of this and undoubtedly an important part is price, but it is not the only part.


How will you ask the village what they would like because not many of the villagers come to the meetings so what will be the way forward in trying to get people’s opinions?


Part of the way forward in this respect is firstly to work out what the options are because although we can ask the village right now I don’t think we fully understand what the options are.  Until we move things forward I don’t think we are in a position to ask for people’s opinions. 


You stated that there is a different process for farmers; does that mean the scheme is equally fair?  I understand you have got to examine it but that is the question. 


I am not an expert on this because we have never done it.  My understanding is that it is not to favour farmers but it is to favour business.  It could be an expedite in planning if it is relevant to their business but I don’t really know.  I think Neville is right in what he is saying.  I don’t think there is any dichotomy between the best for the village and the highest price. The best for the village doesn’t necessarily mean the highest price. I don’t think that is a problem for any of us as councillors to see that the best for the village is something that we have got to work out.  It doesn’t necessarily mean let’s just go in for the maximum we can get. 


What is absolutely fundamental is the fiduciary role that we have as parish councillors, we are not actually Trustees we have a fiduciary role, is that we establish the facts about this site.  There are people that think that has got a totally different value to what I suspect it has.  We need to investigate that so we can then go to everybody and say “Look, this is the proposal, we propose to sell it and it come in different forms but we need to be open, transparent and everybody to understand exactly what the truth is about the site and then we can proceed." 


What happens to the money? Does it go to the Council and then you decide what you would like to do with it?


Yes, it is the Parish Council that is selling so it belongs to the Parish Council and then they can decide what to do with it.


We have been quite careful about not saying, not working out or even thinking about what might happen to those monies yet for fear of over complicating the matter.  We have got one thing to think about which is that we have got something at the moment which in the future is going to deteriorate and which will be a problem for the Parish Council.  So we are concentrating on selling it and then working out what we will do with the money.  It is an asset to the Parish Council for the village.


Audrey, the reason I said about proceeding at the appropriate pace is as Colin has explained, partly because it is our fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of the village and from my point of view, and I am sure from other colleagues point of view, because I will return to the chair and I want to ensure that your household and Lynette’s household are not lying awake at night worrying about what is going to happen.  That is why we are not going to proceed at speed but are going to proceed at appropriate pace to satisfy exactly what Colin has described which he has summed up brilliantly.  The reality is at the end of the day this is going to come down to money unless someone outbids and intends to build an incinerator on the land in which case I can’t imagine the Council will agree it is in the best interest of the village.

6.     Roadsides


There seems to be a problem with the parking on the Tunstall Road roadsides blocking off the passing places.  I think Lorraine has been doing admirable work finding out what the position is and what it isn’t.  Clearly it is not illegal to park there so long as the cars and vans are not blocking the highway and then it is a police matter.  I personally think the thing to do is be tolerant for a month or so and as soon as it starts raining it will be a non-problem.  The other thing to do is to put up notices of No Parking by Order of the Parish Council in each passing place. 


I went and looked at the capacity of the car park this evening and calculated in my head that there was probably room for another 60 or 70 cars, even if it wasn’t mown so I think there is no shortage of room to park cars.  I am with Norman on this because I think come the 1st September this may not be a problem. 


Schools go back about 5th or 6th September and it will disappear and I think there may be the odd weekend in September when it might happen again then it will naturally disappear. 


The Highways Department have assured us that they will advise that any signs that we have put up in Iken will not be removed by their department.  Anybody else of course could remove them wilfully. Highways are prepared to help in any way they can. 


I think what I am hearing is that we are not wanting any signs to go up.  .The Covid environment is a different environment than one we have had before.  I suspect next year won’t be as busy as this year from what I have seen in terms of people coming down to the beach and walking down by the river.  Let’s not rush to put signs up.  Let’s assess the situation as we go.

7.     Finance Report

Colin Chamberlain reported that there had been no income or payments and the external auditors had accepted the exemption of a full audit. Annabel Chamberlain voiced her opinion at the way the RFO position was transferred to the clerk and Colin Chamberlain added that he had not been given an opportunity to publicly discuss the matter before the decision had been made.  Dr Norman Johnson expressed concern at the way this was done by email rather than prior personal consultation with CC .  Sir Thomas Hughes Hallett apologised that Colin had been upset by the way in which the matter had been handled.  Colin Chamberlain said that he accepted their apologies.

8.     Partial blockage of footpath by Jumbo’s Cottage

There was a discussion about the chicane across the footpath leading from the car park to the river which appeared about three months ago.  Several people had complained that it restricted prams and wheelchairs from using the path.  It was pointed out that before it was erected it used to get power boats and jet skis being brought down there which had been seen cutting up the seals. 

It was revealed that 25 years ago there was always a chicane there for many years to stop boats from getting down there and then one day it disappeared.

Consideration will probably be given to it by the Coastal Path.



There had been a recent flurry of activity and a few BT customers had been upgraded with more filtering through.  There was a general discussion.


Changeover of Chair/Vice Chair

NH spoke of the changeover with Tom for Chairman/Vice Chairman.  He also spoke of replacement councillor for Kate Kilburn who was retiring with immediate effect and also a further councillor.

THH spoke of enlisting a councillor from the south of Iken and tried to encourage Audrey.  There is also a volunteer who would quite like to become a member of the Council from around this area.

LL informed the meeting that the PCC could co-opt immediately into the vacant seat.



There was a general discussion about Sizewell C.  It was thought that if nothing happens with the village hall in two years’ time then there is potential for bidding for funds from Sizewell for doing it up.


Any Other Business

THH asked if there had actually been dog-napping in the village as per circulated email.  He thought that the Parish Council ought not to circulate information of such a nature which included peoples vans and number plates without actual fact.

KK asked that the grass not be cut in the middle of the picnic site because it encourages boy racers in the winter over the weekends.


13.    Date of the next meeting – TBA  



06 November 2020Councillor recruitment

Following the news item posted further below (3rd of November), please see the notices in the 'Documents for Viewing' section of the menu regarding councillor vacancies on Iken Parish Council.

06 November 2020Iken Parish Council meeting agenda (12th November meeting)

AGENDA for the Meeting of the Council to be held on Zoom 5.30pm on Thursday 12th November 2020










Items for discussion


1.Councillor recruitment – NH

2.Governance review and recommendations - THH

3.Chair and Vice chair


Items for information only (unless discussion specifically requested)


To note position on




3.Orford & District Surgery Charitable Trust – appointment of Lynette Morton as Iken Representative








Minutes of the annual Parish meeting held on Thursday, 21st May 2020 online via Zoom commencing at 6pm.


Neville Howe (Chair), Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett (Vice Chair), Colin Chamberlain (RFO), Cllrs Dr Norman Johnson, Loulou Cooke, Kate Kilburn

Members of the public:  Audrey Power, Annabel Chamberlain, Robert Gillespie, Jonathan Rutherford, Lady Katherine Gieve

Colin Chamberlain announced the sad passing of Nick Turner who will be greatly missed in the village, especially with the church.  Our hearts go out to Jill. 

Chairman’s Review

The chairman welcomed everybody to this first remote meeting in the history of Iken Parish Council and thanked everybody for their attendance.  He explained how the meeting would proceed, with the first meeting being a snap-shot looking back over the past year then we would start with the first meeting of the New Year.  Documents that had been circulated to everyone in order to be as open as possible were the Agenda, Financial Statement, Minutes of previous meeting, Chairman’s Report.

Neville explained that his review had noted all the matters dealt with over the year and he would be going into these in more detail later in the meeting.  

We had asked for reports from Dr Theresa Coffey and Ray Herring but had not received any response from them, which is understandable under the circumstances. 

The Chairman went on to say that six Councillors were elected at the beginning of the year.  There remains one vacancy and any interested parties are encouraged to approach the Parish Clerk.  It would be great to have a full complement of members.  Kate Kilburn had indicated that her term would be coming to an end in November this year so a plea goes out for more people to come on board.  He went on to explain that he and Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett had swapped roles during the year and the intention was to swap back in November to complete a year each.

Cohesion within the village was one of the subjects which had been discussed resulting in the first village party which was a very good mark.  Reflecting back it wasn’t strictly a parish council event, it was a village event and we used the village hall grounds and had a chance to get the village together. 

The Chairman paused for any questions.  Colin Chamberlain raised the matter of membership to the council and advised that Iken villagers who are on more than one electoral register can put up for council.  Norman Johnson added that technically you do not have to be on the Electoral Register at all, you just have to own property or work just within a three mile radius of Iken.  Individual cases can be considered. 


The annual accounts had been circulated previously.  Colin Chamberlain advised that the precept had been set at £1500 last year and he thought we might be considering reducing it a little bit because we only spent £750 although there is another £400 to consider which relates back to last year for the mowing but even so only comes to £1150.  There is just shy of £3000 in the account at the moment   Colin asked if there was support to pay another £400 for this year’s mowing of the church and the village hall.  It was asked if last year’s mowing was already in the accounts.  Colin responded that although we had agreed to pay £400 he didn’t actually pay it out until after the accounts had been made up.  So there would be twice as much paid out in the coming year.  Colin thought we shouldn’t really be getting a precept that is vastly more than we spend.  Payment for the grass cutting was supported.

On the Town Estate all the money is in the Monmouthshire Building Society.  Colin had spent quite a lot of time moving the money into the charity high interest account only to receive notice the previous week that they were reducing the interest rate to .15%.  He asked if anyone has any more bright ideas for a building society paying more then please let us know.

Iken Village Hall is a charity that we own but does not hold any assets or money.  The chairman gave everyone options to ask any questions.


Minutes of the Iken Annual Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 21st May 2020 online via Zoom commencing at 7pm

Declarations of interests

All have interest in the River Wall project.

Loulou Cooke and Neville Howe have interests in the Coastal Path project.

Minutes of the previous meeting held in February

The Clerk had previously circulated the Minutes and all agreed they were a correct record and were duly signed and dated by the Chairman as such.

Election of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson

It is proposed Neville Howe to stay in post for the next six months to complete his term with Sir Thomas Hughes Hallett remaining as Vice Chairman.  Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett will then complete the next six months as Chair from November 2020 with Neville Howe completing his term as Vice Chairman.  All agreed.  Colin Chamberlain pointed out that according to the Standing Orders we should at this meeting be appointing the Vice Chairman who will carry on as Chairman the following year.  As Kate Kilburn will not be standing as Vice Chair then Colin Chamberlain would be Chairman next year. Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett added that we do have one person who has lived in the village for quite a long time and who is keen to become a councillor.  They might even consider becoming the next Vice Chair.  All support. 

Annabel Chamberlain stated what she considered the usual rotation of Vice Chair and Chair.  Loulou Cooke pointed out that election of Vice Chair can be carried out at the AGM meeting and consideration given to anyone who wants to stand.  


1.    Clerk to be appointed as Responsible Financial Officer as agreed at the Parish Council Meeting 15th November 2019.

2.    Approval of Lorraine being added as cheque signatory.  CC


Colin Chamberlain was agreeable to continuing on as IPC representative on the Partnership.  He stated that now is not the time to report on what is happening.

Business raised by Councillors

1.    Village Hall - Neville summarised where we had got to on the village hall.  He suggested that the key priority for the coming year should be the potential sale of the village hall.  Linked to this we should also consider a potential partnership with another parish, including use of another village hall.  He pointed out that we had struggled as a council to get the right number of councillors on board because we are a very small population.  Colin Chamberlain pointed out that the maximum number of councillors required is seven but there is no reason why we have to have seven and he thought that most councils exist on about four or five anyhow.  There was a discussion about parish councils in general.  Neville pointed out that there are small councils that work together and pool resources. 

Bringing the discussion back to the village hall Neville went over what we had talked about at the last meeting – refurbishment and leaving it etc. and pointed out that clearly we are going to have to “grasp the nettle” on the matter.  A builder had priced the cost of making it good for the next ten years or so and Loulou Cooke had obtained a free informal valuation from Christopher Clarke.  From this Neville and Loulou had explored the possibility of a sale.  Neville pointed out that he hadn’t taken this any further as yet because he wanted to speak to Richard Mann and the Covid lock-down had prevented any further action.  Lynette Morton had indicated at the last meeting that she is interested in purchasing some of the land and had followed this up with a text to Neville.  He would be speaking to Lynette in the near future.

Loulou Cooke also had not been able to progress on the matter and added that Jonathan and Audrey Rutherford had also expressed an interest in purchasing a piece of the land.  Loulou will speak to them later. Colin Chamberlain asked if the discussions with the neighbouring parties were for the whole site or just a bit of it.   Neville responded that there hadn’t been an opportunity to go into too much detail.  Christopher Clarke had given Loulou an indication as to how it might be split, to suit both the cottages and the Parish Council in terms of value. Sir Thomas referred the discussion back to the previous meeting where it was stated that we should obtain the opinion of the villagers and the Mann family.  Neville pointed out that he wanted to include the Mann family in conversations regarding the village hall and grounds is because our duty is to do the best thing by the village.  Loulou pointed out that we cannot take the matter forward until we can see all the parties concerned in a friendly and informal way as a sort of kick-off. 

Neville and Loulou will speak to Lynette, Jonathan and Audrey.  The need to include the Mann family was so that it did not come as a surprise since it was originally a gift from them, not that they were seeking permission to sell or anything.  Colin Chamberlain stated that the village hall had been a subject of discussion for the past 40 years.  There was a discussion around how much of the land would be sold and if there was an opportunity for a little bit being left for village recreation if required.  Norman Johnson said that he felt slightly awkward about going into preliminary discussions and perhaps raising unnecessary hope when we have an obligation to get the best price.  In order to get the best price we need to put it into the hands of an agent and open to anybody who wants to buy it.  That isn’t necessarily to stop people who are living right next door wanting to buy it and buying it through the agent through a bidding process.  He thought going to individuals may raise hopes that might be dashed. 

Loulou pointed out that Christopher Clarke had definitely said that it would maximise value if it were split between two interested parties and that the value would not be as high if it were sold as a plot to an outsider.  Colin Chamberlain pointed out that if it is sold on the open market then prospective buyers need to be aware of the asbestos content of the village hall and the cost of dealing with that. 

Neville pointed out that all we were doing is seeing if there is an interest somewhere and once that is established we will need to have an agent formally appointed.  We must be very careful that we get the correct advice so that we are doing the right thing for the village.  There are endless permutations – sell two pieces and keep a small piece for village recreation for example.  Sir Tom stated that we should establish what is in the best interest of the village and the community and what the village wants rather than simply maximising price.  

Action NH/LC

2.    River defences

There had been no further meetings of partnership or any subcommittee.  Everything has been put on the back burner because of Covid 19.  We are hoping that the government is going to give over £10M towards river defences.  Colin thought it was very much an open question as to how much money will be raised essentially from the government and whether it is even going to be viable. He awaits resumption of the meetings on the river defences to see what the situation is currently.  There has been nothing in last three months.  The business plan has gone in and the business plan may well be accepted by the Environmental Agency but whether the government is going to agree to stump the £10M-£12M is another matter. 

3.    Broadband

There was no more information to report other than Openreach were trying to do their best to connect the village. There had been promises of having Broadband connected within a month and others saying BT weren’t clear.  Loulou  reported that the diocese given permission for a dish on top of the church subject to responses from the public notices placed just before the lock-down.  Loulou was concerned that placing the notices on the church door and noticeboard that people might not have seen them.  Annabel Chamberlain stated that the fact that the notices had been displayed was all that mattered, not whether people had seen them or not.  The law had been complied with, that was the thing.  Lorraine asked whether it could be put on the website, Annabel said that it is not required to be on a website, just the place where it is to be installed, even if the church is closed because of the pandemic, and a place in the village.

Robert Gillespie asked on the assumption that it is coming if we needed a signal on the church.  Loulou responded that she was told that Superfast would not reach everyone in the village and that the church would still be required for a few households.  Whether that is still the case Loulou couldn’t be sure because she hadn’t heard from Fram Broadband again. It was pointed out that not everyone will be using BT and that Fram Broadband is sufficient for some people’s needs.  Loulou pointed out that the whole thing would be surface mounted and easily removed and only allowed to be there for a year at a time so if people are unhappy with it and it is deemed to be redundant in the future they will have to come and take it away.  Robert Gillespie went on the say that what they are putting in will provide very fast Broadband but the real magic of it is to get fibres to the house which is what they are talking about.  He thought it might be sensible to think of a village wide scheme rather than everybody doing their own individual things and went on to explain how it works.  If the plan was genuinely carried out then we would have exceptionally fast Broadband.  He was certain that if we all clubbed together getting one contractor to do all the cabling to the houses it would be a lot quicker, cheaper and more sensible than 14 or 15 different events.  Loulou considered that there are some people that are quite a long way from where the fibre cable will be going and others almost on top of it.  Neville spoke of nodes in various positions around the village and the various problems encountered by the contractors.  Loulou asked if cabling had been laid around Sandy Lane.  Robert responded that not in terms of laying cable but they are alleged to have strung fibres onto power cables with the posts that going around Sandy Lane. Fram Broadband had advised Loulou that it might not reach Sandy Lane and that was another reason for having the dish on top of the church.  Colin Chamberlain considered that having “all our eggs in one basket” sounded very sensible at the moment.  He thought we should be able to find a way into BT to see who we should approach and what sort of offers can be made in terms of handling the cables to the houses. Robert advised that Suffolk Broadband/Better Broadband for Suffolk have quite a good website and they do actually respond to emails. 

Neville thanked everyone for this information and said that Outreach vans had been out in the last few days doing things. He will be phoning them in the near future to see if there is anything for Iken Barns so we will just keep an eye on it and see how much of the village is going to get covered and whether we can do more things jointly. It was thought Robert’s suggestion is a good one and that we should all work together.  All agreed.

4.    Village Party

Neville spoke of plans for a social gathering planned for August and the current situation regarding social distancing.  It was thought that we would just have to wait and see and make plans nearer the time.

5.    Coastal Path

Neville said that he had no further news other than he had emailed Jonathan Clarke a couple of times to come along to one of our meetings.  Jonathan had been reluctant to come to the last one because he hadn’t finished his plans and he wasn’t invited to this meeting because it was not thought things would have progressed any further.  Loulou reported that there had been an effort with people on the other side of the estuary, the Hailes and the Skeppers, to research a possibility of a ferry from Orford to Aldeburgh so that the Coastal Path could run along the coast.  It wouldn’t affect any of the existing footpaths but would take perhaps the bulk of the traffic on along the coast which is where most people want to go when they are walking the coastal path.  Loulou personally doesn’t think it is going to run.  There had been lots of chats with Jonathan about nesting birds and all the rest of it and Loulou thought that he was under pressure to get out his plan for this bit of the estuary. The idea of a ferry had been mooted but not costed properly and it is all pushing it forward.  Loulou explained that he is probably going to come out with a plan now and she had said that she will not disagree with a plan but she felt the need to negotiate with Jonathan on their land if the ferry is not a starter. Loulou had made a couple of calls to James Skepper but she was not quite sure of the very latest state of affairs.   She asked if anyone had a view about the Coastal Path running along the coast or going around the estuary. It is quite complicated.  Colin Chamberlain thought the Alde & Ore Association right at the start put forward a proposal that what we need is a ferry that goes across from Orford Quay to Orford Ness which was rejected outright.  Loulou pointed out that the plan for a boat from Orford to Aldeburgh was not rejected outright as long as it was a fast boat and that the costs could be kept down and all these things.  Loulou has not been involved in getting the costings and thinks it may be getting a bit late and slows down the momentum. Colin said that what was said was that the ferry had to be open and a seamless path and that it wasn’t subject to interruptions. Loulou thought that Jonathan was going to come out with his plan in the next week or two subject to any more input on the ferry plan. It will then be up to the individual land owners to object if they are not happy with the plans put forward.  Colin then asked if it would then go to the Secretary of State.  Loulou responded if there are serious objections it will then they pass it on to the planning office. Colin thought the timetable was slipping because of the Covid 19 situation, Loulou stated that this is one job they can do under the circumstances.  It has been a difficult year for farmers, a dreadful winter and incredibly dry summer.  Loulou said they had noticed an incredible increase in walkers and cyclists which had given them an insight into how things would be in the future, which is okay.  Indeed they would welcome people on the footpath, taking down styles and things but think it is tricky in a number of respects, especially people parking for the coastal paths.  There had been a number of complaints of people parking on the way to the Coastal path areas and it was feared it may become heavier in the future if the plans go ahead.   Neville had spoken to Jonathan and got a similar overview to that expressed by Loulou.  He thought that Jonathan was keen to get his proposal out there for people to look at and make comments.  Loulou said that they had got the Suffolk Wildlife Trust to talk to Jonathan about the really material considerations in terms of wildlife on the estuary.  So they have come to some sort of agreement on that basis. 

Colin Chamberlain asked if we could talk about Iken beach along the boardwalk up to Snape and what do we think is going to happen there.  Neville said he had always assumed they would put the Coastal Path where it already is so to speak. It may be that there is an outside chance that the main path may be put up away from the beach for a couple of bits.  He had certainly spoken about where it goes past the fields with the horses and the possibility of moving the fences back where the path is muddy.  There was a discussion about path widths but there doesn’t seem to be plans to upgrade any of the existing paths.  Neville stated that Jonathan was “playing his cards close to his chest” and not surprisingly.  It was generally agreed the beach is not walkable at high tide.

6.    Planning

Neville pointed out that there had been three applications in the last year noted on his report that went through.  One of these was a discharge of conditions for his property.  Iken Parish Council had submitted their thoughts and suggested rearranging some of the applications dealt with over the year and had received reasonably satisfactory outcomes.  Broadly we are getting our views in and believe they are being heard.  Colin pointed out that the jetty application was for sailing craft, not motor craft.  Neville agreed and added that the curtilage of the property would not be extended to surround the jetty.

Norman Johnson pointed out that there had been revised drawings put on the Iken Hall tool shed application online today showing the outline curtilage has gone back to the original position so basically now this would be a new shed in the field.  The entrance would be through the gate that is already there on Tunstall Road and none of the trees would be removed.  It was noted that it is still away from the curtilage and nothing has changed from the original application.  Nevertheless the Council had put in their views so were awaiting the outcome. 

Any other business

1.    EDF Development Consent Order

Colin raised the matter of the letters of opposition supported by Iken Parish Council regarding the EDF Development Consent Order for Sizewell C to be postponed until after the pandemic.  Colin said that there was an extremely good session about a week ago during which there was a lot of speakers talking about Sizewell C and it is actually very alarming what is proposed.  William Kendal was one of the main speakers and Alison Downes another.  Colin thought it was worth everyone looking at the Sizewell C project to see if they were happy about it.  He pointed out that it will be the biggest building site in Europe; there will be 10,000 workers which they say will create lots of local employment but Colin said it will all actually come from outside the area and it will split Minsmere in half.  There is no real guarantee that it works because of the Chinese input.  There was a suggestion of 500 lorries a day because they have rejected a port of materials coming in by sea.  Add this to the sub-station and Iken importing its clay and one is possibly talking about 300 lorries a day coming down off the A12.  The Consent Order would be for start of construction in early 2022.  We were one of 57 councils that had supported the letter requesting a halt be put on decision making until after the pandemic.  If it goes ahead the public is not going to have an opportunity to go to the sessions where they can find out more about it and be in a position to criticise it or comment.

2.    Newspaper delivery

Colin pointed out that there was a newspaper delivery service to Iken and that it would be good if at least one other person joined the scheme.

3.    The Link

Colin pointed out that The Link is being published electronically and it is available on the Iken website.  The next edition will be out on the 1st June.  It cannot be published in paper form at the moment because of the pandemic.

4.    Audrey & Jonathan Rutherford

Now able to join the meeting with a stronger signal at this point wanted to say that if the Council went down the route of selling the village hall and site, both they and Lynette are interested in the opportunity to purchase for the valuation of whatever Christopher Clarke has suggested.  Neville thanked Audrey and commented that we were rather worried that we hadn’t been able to discuss the matter before we disappeared off the line so to speak.  He reassured them that they were absolutely going to have a conversation on the matter.  He and Loulou would put their heads together to see how we would be taking this forward.

5.    Church Mowing

Colin asked that we had agreed a further £400 this year for the church mowing and this was confirmed.

6.    What’s App

Neville pointed out that after Tom had set up the Iken Hoo What’s App site it had been very quiet for quite a while but now, probably due to the Covid 19, there has been much more village engagement so well done to Tom for setting it up and for bearing with it when we thought nobody was going to use it.  It is used very regularly which is very pleasing.  It was asked how do people join it and Tom said all people have to do is send him an email advising of their mobile telephone number.  Tom also added that, for those that do not have it yet, Fenella’s granddaughter has now moved into the village which is so lovely.  What’s App on laptops was discussed.

The meeting closed at 7.30pm


Date of the next meeting – 13TH August 2020  

03 November 2020Parish Councillors needed

Dear All,

Parish Councillors needed

Following recent resignations, Iken Parish Council is looking to appoint three new parish councillors. We would welcome interest from anyone in the village or immediately adjacent parishes within three miles of Iken.

The main role of the Council is to act as the voice of the village.  Local authorities and agencies have a duty to consult with us in relation to things like planning permission and rights of way. For example, since I joined the Council last year, we have been asked to give our views on a planning application for a new building in Iken and on the proposed route of the new coastal path. No particular skills or experience are needed, just availability to attend four meetings a year plus any further extraordinary meetings to discuss specific matters such as planning applications. As you might be aware, in the current circumstances, we are conducting meetings by Zoom.

Given that our main role is to act as the voice of the village, it would be great if the Council could reflect all aspects of the village community. For example, we would particularly welcome more women.

If you are interested, please speak to Lorraine Lloyd, the Parish Clerk, 01728602348 or send her an email, ikenpc@gmail.com.  Alternatively, please feel free to speak to any of the current councillors whose details are set out below, and who will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

Loulou Cooke 07720696026

Norman Johnson 07973829920

Tom Hughes Hallett  07595504369

Neville Howe 07834944314

It would be helpful to receive expressions of interest in time for the next meeting, on Thursday 12th November.

Thank you for your interest.

Neville Howe

Chair, Iken Parish Council

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