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As we approach Christmas, many people young and old will receive gifts to enable them to get online much easier. In anticipation of this Northumbria Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner are supporting a campaign to encourage young people, parents and carers in particular to follow some simple advice. We would also encourage you to access the getsafe online webpage: https://www.getsafeonline.org/christmasdevices/

Mobile devices, game consoles and wearables make great presents …

… are you buying one this Christmas? In all the excitement, it can be easy to forget to make sure it’s set up and used safely and securely, so we’ve brought you some expert, practical tips to help.

•Download an internet security app on mobile devices – including Apple – and ensure you keep it updated. There’s a wide choice available, some cover several devices, and some have advanced security features to reduce the impact of loss or theft.
•Download app updates when prompted, as they frequently contain security updates.
•Update operating systems when prompted, as this will also ensure you benefit from the latest online security.
•Download apps only from official sources such as App Store, Google Play or Microsoft Store.
•Protect all mobile devices with a PIN or password, even if they feature biometric protection.
•Keep devices secure and out of harm’s way, as the information on them – and accessed from them – could be worth a lot more than the device itself in the wrong hands.
•If you’ve bought a second-hand mobile device, remove the previous owner’s settings and data if this hasn’t already been done. If you’re selling, carry out a reset. Find out how by reading the manufacturer’s website. Ensure the device is running the most up-do-date version of the operating system and apps before using it.
•Change factory-set passwords to your own secure passwords as soon as you connect the device to your Wi-Fi.
•Never leave mobile devices or wearables unattended in vehicles, cafés, the gym or other public places. Take advantage of the safe in hotel rooms.
•Keep phones, tablets and wearables protected when out and about in crowded areas. They make attractive targets for pickpockets and ride-by thieves.
•Remember that clicking on email attachments or links in emails, text messages and social media posts could infect your device with malware, including ransomware and spyware. Think before you click.
•Back up all your devices regularly so that your data, photos and music will be protected in the case of theft, loss or damage.
•If the device is for a child or young person, sit down and speak to them about safe and responsible use of the internet, including what they say and who they communicate with. You could also download a respected parental control app to block unsuitable content. And make sure that bills aren’t being run up for in-game purchases.


Once again William Leech Campus took the 'Carols by Candlelight' procession around the streets of our parish. Beginning at the William Leech Campus at 4.00 p.m. on Tuesday 5th December, everyone who joined in the spirit of the occasion as we made out way through the village had an enjoyable time, and it was especially nice to have the children happily involved in officially switching on the Parish Council's lights outside the 'Tute' before returning for refreshments at the William Leech Campus afterwards. It was certainly a much larger turnout than last year. Many thanks to the musicians and everyone else who contributed to another successful community event.


The Chair of the Parish Council, Cllr Liz Dunn, presented The Lynemouth Parish Council Award for Citizenship to Lynemouth's Alex Kent at a ceremony in the presence of the Duke of Northumberland and the Bishop of Newcastle. 

Alex supports younger children on the William Leech Campus within a nurture group as well as running 1:1 phonics sessions with Key Stage 1 children, showing the LIGHT values in action.


Ms Sally Milner, Chaplain at Northumberland Church of England Academy, officiated at this year's Remembrance Day Service. It was certainly the largest turnout in recent years. Seldom can there have been so many wreaths laid at Lynemouth's War Memorial. It's fair to say that everyone present was very impressed by 12-year-old Cadet Tyrone Darbyshire's most excellent sounding of The Last Post before the two minute silence and the Reveille before the wreath laying. He played with great dignity. Many thanks also to Major Eyton Parker (Northumberland Church of England Academy Combined Cadet Force); Mrs. Amy Thompson (Head of the William Leech Campus); and  Mr. Trevor Sutton and the 1st CELL Scout Group. Many thanks also to Mr. Dave Johnson at Lynemouth Miner's Welfare Institute and the Lynemouth ladies for preparing refreshments and hearty bowls of soup afterwards. The wintry chill failed to deter many local residents and veterans from paying their respects.


THE Parish Council has agreed to construct two pedestrian gateways and create a natural path through the strip of woodland it owns behind the pit wheel to enable residents and visitors to enjoy the amenity. It was agreed that no trees would be removed and the decision to establish a woodland accessible to the community may need to be reviewed if there are any incidents of misuse.

Trees and hedges are important wildlife habitats, so work on pruning the trees to improve appearance and access, and removing dead and diseased branchwood, will start in early winter [December/January] to allow birds to nest safely in spring.

Historically, it is believed the old 'Tankey' engine (train) went over the road along the line of the woodland.

02 November 2017COUNCIL SETS PRECEPT FOR 2018/2019

PARISH councillors have considered what the Parish Council's financial needs will be for the next financial year 2018/2019 and decided that the current tax levied from residents (the precept) should be raised from £27,621 to £28,000 this year to cover costs.

The Parish Council will be going ahead with its four year parish plan of community priorities in  2018 and for future years. As well as maintaining current projects and improving them wherever possible, the Council wants to develop several future projects to improve the village.

Members said there are good reasons for raising individual payments slightly  but they could not support raising them any higher at present as they did not wish to put a burden on local people.


Lynemouth Parish Council currently has TWO horticultural (garden) vacancies at the allotment site; full chain plots. Anyone interested in applying for one of these allotments can do so by completing and returning an application form. The allotments will be let to residents who live in the village on a first-come-first served basis. The annual rent is currently £40.00 per annum for each chain, but the new tenant will only pay the pro-rata (proportional) rent, i.e. £10.00 each chain until the allotment rents are collected on the first and last Saturday in February 2018.

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